Women need to stop being spectators in relationships

  • Jan 30 , 2017

There are some experiences in life that you just cannot explain. They just happen to occur in your life suddenly, but they complete it in a way that you really wish to live that experience over and over again. Love is an amazing experience that not all of us get to experience in life. However, those of us who’ve been lucky enough to live this dream know exactly what’s being said here.

A beautiful relationship isn’t all rainbows and daisies and sunshine, as it might seem from the outside. It calls for efforts, hard work, patience, tolerance and moreover unconditional love each and every day. Women in relationships need to work as hard as the men for maintaining and keeping it up, on a daily basis.

However, the sad reality here is that this kind of relationship has lost its meaning and it’s “once in a blue moon” kind of thing. Men today are so lost in the shallowness and in the physicality of things that it has eventually led to complete destruction of relations and its actual deep rooted value.

The ultimate sufferers and oppresses of this atrocious act are women of the society. Women in relationships need to learn to step up and take a stand for themselves. They themselves need to understand the fact that relationship is a two-way mutual process of exchanging feelings wherein both parties are equal in status. Unless they incorporate the feeling of self-righteousness in themselves, they can’t really stand up for themselves, let alone other women.

Unfortunately, in our society, their status has been reduced to “things” that can be used and thrown away as per needs. Another reality is that the women themselves, who are to blame in this as much as the men are. Suffering silently is as big a crime as making others suffer. Learning to stand up and showing independence is something women need to learn in order to obtain an equal status and position as that of men.

Women today allow men to take control of their lives. They give them the permission subconsciously to hurt and affect them in the deepest possible way. They need to realise that relationship isn’t something where you get lost and lose yourself. It is a magnificent experience that allows you to grow and evolve into a better and more beautiful version of you. 

In the world of hook-ups, there’s hardly any place left for true love to blossom. At the end, it all comes down to simple mathematics. True love and relationship are once in a lifetime kind of thing. If you truly feel that the guy you’re with is actually “the one”, give him the access and control to love you, improve you and affect you. But never, under any circumstance, allow anyone to impact your self-respect and dignity. If he’s meant to be, things will turn out good eventually. If nothing else, you’ll have experience and a better understanding of human nature!