Why do Indian men demonstrate low sex drive?

  • Jan 27 , 2017

One of the major problems seen in today’s relationships and marriages is less sex, and it is quite common in several Indian metro cities. Instead of being seen as an indulgent activity, intercourse is now viewed as an instrument to maintain bonding between husband and wife, and to keep the family name going. As per an India Today-AC Nielsen survey, you will be shocked to know that 42 per cent of the respondents mentioned having sex only 1-2 times a month.

So what are the real reasons behind the shoddy performance of men in bed?

  • Stress- The demands of modern life are very high on both the sexes. If one considers work lifestyle, there are not too many differences between the genders. Long hours of commute, high pressure at work, minimal exercise, drinking and smoking are some of the common factors that cause stress. Add to that the demands from family members- spending time on the weekend (not being able to meet friends), taking them out and less time for socialising. When couples live in joint families, as is the case with many in India, privacy becomes all the more difficult, leading to a low libido.

    Photo Courtesy: Tumblr

  • Low sexual knowledge- If modern day myths are not enough, men also have to deal with misplaced notions about sex from an early age in India. They are always taught not to ask too many questions about it, and the topic is considered taboo in school, colleges and elsewhere. Whatever men learn is mostly from peers, and such knowledge is usually questionable. In fact, there have shocking cases of couples who are unaware of how to engage in sexual activity. Some couples declared themselves infertile, but as doctors found out, it was known that they did not know how to have sex.
  • Sex is not arranged - In the case of an arranged marriage, both people are strangers to each other. If one is unable to mentally connect with the other, how will it be possible for them to have sex? That apart, several Indian men tend to become obese during the middle ages, and that makes it even more difficult. Men are also surprisingly unaware about seduction and how to do it. While women never ventured outside earlier and sex was natural, the woman of today is financially dependent and is frequently outside the home. Men have found it difficult to cope with this difficult scenario.

It is quite difficult to understand how, in a country like India, where sex positions had been discovered almost 2500 years ago, men struggle to come to terms with this delightful activity. Not only this, but there has also been a wave of sexual crimes seen across the country, the Nirbhaya case being most vivid. Several rapes and molestations have taken place, many of which are still not reported. It is high time that we start understanding and recognising the need for sex and sundry for all, and do not focus on a single gender. Though sexual education was introduced in school, it still is considered a big joke. We need to stop joking around with it, or else, as we can see, our lives become jokes in themselves.