What not to eat on an empty stomach

When we get up in the morning sometimes we are so hungry that whatever edible product we see we eat, but there a few products which are highly acidic that may cause health issues if consumed on empty stomach.

So, be alert and watch what you eat…

  • Do not eat spicy food- Why it is said that oats should be eaten for breakfast because they are plain with no spices in it. Eating spicy food on empty stomach can cause cramps and acidity as spices react to natural body acids.
  • Yoghurt- Many a times we say we want to start a healthy day and eat yoghurt as it is very beneficial for health but the bacteria present in yoghurt can make your tummy upset.
  • Alcohol- Never drink alcohol on an empty stomach. Alcohol reduces the pulse rate and blood pressure as alcohol widens the blood vessels.
  • Tea and coffee- You should give up your habit of sipping bed tea, as it increases the acid level which may lead to constipation or vomiting. Eat a cookie or toast before a cup of coffee or tea.
  • Medicine- Why does doctor always advise to take medicine after a meal? There is a medical reason to it. Taking medicine on an empty stomach creates an imbalance in the body as the acid irritates the stomach lining.
  • Aerated drinks- Aerated drinks also creates an imbalance in the system. Aerated drinks should be avoided at any time of the day in any situation.
  • Banana- Everyone is advised to eat a banana with milk but consuming banana alone that too on an empty stomach creates disturbance between the calcium and magnesium of the body, which can make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Tomato- Eating tomato on an empty stomach is also the cause of ‘stomach stones’ or ‘stomach calculus’. Acids present in tomato reacts with acids present in the stomach which create stones.