What is GM diet?

The General Motors diet also known as the GM Diet has been around for more than 28 years. The story goes – in 1985 this health program and diet was established for employees of the General Motors Corporation and obviously was proposed for their use.

It began with a grant and was then developed with full information and support of the Food and Drug Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture. The testing was done at the Johns Hopkins Research Centre.

In 1985, particularly August 15, 1985, it was approved by the governing body of the General Motors Corporation at their annual meeting. They had long awaited the consequences of the diet and were extremely confident this would enhance the overall quality of their workforce and production, not to mention the health of the employees and their families.

It was 100 per cent fully supported and embraced by the organisation and was available to the employees, their families and relatives at the General Motors Food Service Facilities.
The original design of the seven days at a time diet plan was to hit with a 10 – 17 pound weight loss for every member per week. Surely such high numbers got the consideration of anybody needing a good diet. They also found in the study that the employees would enhance their emotions and their base attitudes simply because the diet had a cleansing effect on their digestive systems.

The original study also essentially said that the diet could be used as regularly as one needed to get in shape, regardless of how many times they have done it. The diet was considered originally to rid the body of as many impurities as possible and then mentally. The employees felt better about themselves, were lighter, faster and had more energy than before.

For General Motor the diet was supposed to have made their entire workforce more efficient and powerful at their jobs, in turn improving the overall quality of the vehicles produced in their manufacturing facilities. Regardless of whether or not the story is true, we know the diet works.