Using sanitizer is a great idea

  • Jan 13 , 2017

Wash your hands before saying your prayer, because God and Germs are everywhere. In today’s hurried world the utilisation of hand sanitizers has expanded with time. It is even the fastest way to find cuts on your hand.

Some key moments for using hand sanitizer:

  • After using the bathroom
  • Before and after eating
  • After riding public transport
  • After sneezing or coughing
  • After using ATM
  • After shaking hands or giving high fives

Benefits of using sanitizers:

  • Hand sanitizers are available in portable devices that are easy to carry and you can take them along anywhere you go.
  • It contains alcohol and other agents that are good for killing germs.
  • Several studies have shown that use of alcohol-based rubs on hands is helpful in curbing the spread of bad stomach and intestinal bugs.
  • It helps in executing numerous regular infections which may bring about issues like basic chilly, stomach influenza and even infections creating swine influenza.
  • Whenever you buy hand sanitizers make sure that the content of ethyl alcohol is more than 60 per cent for the sanitizer to be effective.
  • It has been shown that families that use hand sanitizers are less likely to spread germs and fall sick.
  • It has also been shown that people using hand sanitizers show slower redevelopment of bacteria.

However, it may not be effective in preventing all types of germs, as some of the viruses spread through inhalation of the nasal droplets of another infected person. Make sure that when you apply the hand sanitizer; you cover the entire hand and the back of your palm and the wrists. Missing out on a single spot can leave behind a lot of germs. Apply the sanitizer in the nooks of hand and between the fingers so that you are sure to have covered all the areas. Making use of sanitizers is effective and they work in a quicker way and have a longer action. Thus, carry them at whatever point or wherever you go outside.