Useful tips for better sleep and fresh mornings

  • Jan 05 , 2017

‘Early to bed, early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise.’ This is a very common and famous line that we all have heard in our childhood days. And if you want to be victorious in life you definitely need to work on this line.
Here are some things you can do to have better sleep and can wake up fresh every morning:

During nights:

  • Avoid coffee, red wine, and chocolate: To wake up fresh you need to get a good sleep and one of the best ways to ruin a good sleep is to upset your gut. It has been scientifically shown that coffee, red wine, and chocolate disturb your sleep. They upset your intestines.
  • Meditate, pray and calm down before going to bed: Meditating and praying before sleep is an amazing feel as it allows you to throw out all the worries and forget about the future issues.
  • Don’t eat dinner right before bed: A lot of people run home after work, cook up some dinner and then eat it and go to bed. This is a bad idea because digestion takes a while. Try and leave a few hours in between your bedtime and your dinner.
  • Organise your room according to Fang shui principles: Fang shui is an ancient Chinese art of setting up your home in a way to balance the energies and vibes. The bedroom is particularly important because that is the place where you will be sleeping and resting.
  • Keep your sleep consistent: People think that you must have eight hours of sleep. Not true. Six to seven hours is enough to get enough sleep.

During mornings:

  • Drink water: A glass of water on an empty stomach actually has a lot of benefits as well as serving to wake you up.
  •  Exercise: When you are sleepy in the morning, a run in the morning can wake you up fast. The interesting fact is when you exercise in the morning you will actually have more energy the next day.