Tips for parents on sex education

  • Feb 06 , 2017

Parents play a very significant influence on the kid’s thoughts and the way they behave. As they reach their puberty, it is essential for every parent and teachers to provide the sex education and let the kids understand the changes of their body, changes in hormones, and attraction with the opposite sex.

Curiosity about the sex is a natural step from learning about the body. But unfortunately, teenagers get less sex education from parents or from their teachers. Parenting teenagers is not a cake walk as parents have to deal with every issue in a sensitive and understanding manner. So, to avoid any mishappenings at an early age, it becomes necessary for parents to talk to their teenagers openly about sex.

Parents should start sex education early
Sex education helps kids to understand about their body changes and also helps them become positive. Younger kids are more interested in how pregnancy occurs, and babies are born rather than knowing about sex. It is important for parents to talk to their kids about this at an early age, possibly before teens.
Talking about sex is part of an open communication with your teenage child. If the communication is regular, kids are more likely to share and speak about their issues with relationships, abuse, drugs, and sex. When parents talk with their children, they also feel more secure.

Consequences of less sex education
If parents and teachers do not teach children about sex, they will learn it from elsewhere. Not speaking with children and avoiding sexual talks will not control them; instead, they will develop more curiosity to know and learn, and they can use other ways to know about the sex. For instance, they can get the knowledge of sex from the internet, videos, discussing with a friend and reading magazines. Children will hide facts from the parents and even go into the wrong company if not guided properly at an early age. Teen pregnancy is a major concern in high schools. To avoid these risk factors, teachers and parents should take the responsibility to make children aware of sex.

Positive impact of sex education
Children who receive sex education from parents are less likely to engage in the risky sexual activity. So it is better to start the conversation with your children about the sex.
Schools should conduct seminars and special sessions about sex education. Teenagers should be made aware of the protections, unwanted pregnancies, changes within their body, sexual activities and allows the children to ask questions and answer them in a convincing manner. Properly conducted sex education classes can prepare kids for the future. If sex education is properly taught to teenagers, it will result in the better acceptance of their bodies, and increase their self-esteem.