This is why you should workout during winters

  • Jan 09 , 2017

Lifestyles are increasingly becoming sedentary in nature these days. Winter makes it even more difficult to get going- most of us only want to lie in bed underneath a cosy quilt, holding a warm cup of tea. For some, winter can be quite brutal to their regular workout regime. All you need to really do is push yourself hard to get out of bed, acclimatise with the weather and jump back into the routine.

So, here are some tips for winter exercises:

Tip 1- Dressing properly

Wearing multiple layers of clothes can be difficult in winters as you start feeling hot during the workout. Instead, layers of thin clothes are better than a single thick layer for better body movements. Fabrics that keep you dry and warm during these times are the best. Therefore, choose synthetic fibre and not cotton.

Tip 2- Extra dressing is not recommended

Do not try to remain too warm while doing workouts. This will result in you perspiring more and more, thereby making you feel chilled. In case you are feeling hot while in a workout, it is best to remove that layer of clothes, as it may lead to hypothermia.

Tip 3- Catch hold of a partner or a group

In case you have a partner or a group or can build a bond with someone, it is best for physical training. Motivation happens from both ends, and you will have a reason to be regular to the gym. You will get to learn from others as well. In this way, you are more likely to stick to regular schedules.

Tip 4- Set goals

Days are shorter during winter and you may find 101 reasons, not to workout. One way to keep you going is to set goals for the complete season. This could be losing a few inches of fat from the belly or completing a certain number of rounds around the park. Ensure that you have a goal which is realistic and can be worked upon. It doesn’t matter what the goal really is, as long as you have something to work towards.

Tip 5- Maintain high hydration levels

Sweating in winter is not as high as summer, and so the tendency is to drink very less water. If you are working out regularly, do not make this mistake- ensure that your body remains hydrated all the time. It is simple to get dehydrated during winters. Have enough water before leaving for workouts. Bring water with you and in between, keep sipping on the same.

Photo Courtesy: Beautyheaven

Tip 6- Have longer warm-up sessions

When body temperature is low, it takes longer for muscles and joints to build up the heat. As a result, you are at major risk of getting strains and sprains if you do not warm up adequately. Warm up for about 10-15 minutes and do not increase intensity unless you are already sweating.

Tip 7- Watch the diet

Diet needs to be handled with care throughout the year, no matter what the season is. However, winter is the time when you remain indoor for long and is less active. During this period, you also develop a greater liking for fatty foods and sugar. Therefore, it is very important to keep track of your calorie intake.

The biggest challenge is to push oneself out of the bed during winters. Once you are able to give yourself that push or get your partner to help, life becomes a lot easier. Remember that fat can build up during this season, so it is most important to keep up with the hard work done throughout the year.