This is how you can maintain woollen clothes during winter

  • Jan 09 , 2017

Winter is here and we need to know how to maintain your woollen clothes as they require special care and handling.

Here are few tips:

  • If you want your woollens to last long then you should brush them after every wear. Spot cleaning is a method to ensure your woollens stay clean.
  • Use godrej ezee detergent if you are going to hand wash your woollen clothes as hand washing is the best way to take care of woollen clothes until tag says ‘dry clean only’. Just soak your woollen clothes in a bucket of water with few drops of Ezee and soak it for 3-5 minutes. Rinse it with cold water and then gently squeeze all the excess water without wringing the fabric.
  • Your woollens must be losing out its shape so there is a reason behind that. When you hang your woollen, the weight causes the fabric to stretch and your outfit lose its shape. When you hang your woollens after washing, the weight causes the fabric to stretch and eventually your outfit lose its shape.
  • Also, never store a slightly damp sweater, scarf or sock in the wardrobe. It’s an easy spot for germs to build-up.
  • If you have been ironing your clothes then you are doing a mistake. Never iron woollen garments when they are dry, use a steam press to iron them.

Tips how to take care of a particular fabric:


  • Always fold cashmere sweaters in thirds so you don’t get a fold line running down the front of the sweater.
  • When we use scents and perfumes, moths are attracted to our clothes so it is necessary to clean it before storing it for next winter season.
  • In case you are getting your clothes dry-cleaned make sure you layer clothes in a tissue paper.

Wool coats, sweaters and pants

  • Use suede or lint brush to remove surface oil from your coats.
  • Empty wool coat and pant pockets after every wearing to keep them from sagging or losing shape.
  • If light wool sweaters say ‘hand wash’, you can use the machine’s hand-wash or wool cycle with cool water.
  • Never use scalding hot water or bleach on wool items.


  • Some velvet must be dry-cleaned and some can be washed in the machine so read the tag before taking a decision.
  • Never fold velvet when storing. Instead, gently stuff items with tissue paper and lay flat inside garment boxes.
  • Don’t be afraid to use a lint roller to remove lint, dust, and threads from velvet items.
  • Another problem we face during winters is bubbles on woollen clothes. To remove those bubbles we can use a razor, softly use a razor on woollen clothes and bubbles will be removed.