Things you need to know about laser tattoo removal

  • Jan 25 , 2017

Tattoos have always been in demand among people but what if you did not get the desired tattoo or you want to remove it because you don’t have the same relationship with the person whose name or identity you got inked. The laser is considered to be the best way to get a tattoo removed and the other way is surgery but it may leave a scar on the skin.

How does it work?

A high-intensity light beam is used to remove the tattoo which breaks up the pigment colour. Easiest colour to treat is black as it absorbs all wavelength.

Never go for laser directly, consult a professional so that they can examine the tattoo and if they suggest then take laser treatment appointment. There are various factors on which professional will recommend you anything like:-

  • Age, size, a colour of the tattoo.
  • Colour of your skin.
  • The depth of tattoo pigment.

The tattoo will not be removed in one sitting rather it will take 4-5 sittings and with each sitting the colour of the tattoo will lighten.

  • Search about types of lasers- It is not sure that only one type of laser can remove the tattoo. You need to find out which laser wavelength is effective on which colour. There is a possibility that you may need different lasers to treat the tattoo.
  • Be prepared for side-effects- You may or may not have side effects like lightening or darkening of skin, scars, burns, allergies. So, you should be also prepared that you may have side effects.
  • Be satisfied- Go for the treatment when you are satisfied. Ask as many questions regarding the treatment, how safe is it, side effects. Treatment will not be same for every person it differs on skin type, the colour of a tattoo, health.
  • Post- treatment- Once you are done with the laser treatment you may have raised in the tattoo, swelling near the area, blisters, redness but don’t worry as they will disappear within a week or two.
  • Professional tattoo easy to treat- When a professional was the one who inked than removing the tattoo will be not be challenging task but yes if it has been done by amateur tattoo artist then you may have the problem to get it removed.
  • Location- The location of the tattoo matters, as heart circulates blood to the body nearer the tattoo is to heart, a laser will be more effective.
  • Not a comfortable process- To say that removal of the tattoo by laser does not hurt that will be wrong to say. But yes, it will not pain as much it was painful when you were being inked.