Things that every woman deserves in a relationship

“If you don’t respect women, you actually nor deserve her.”

Every woman deserves and commands importance in any relationship.

Though the thought varies from the individual to individual, these are definitely vital and noteworthy:

Respect and value- Women should be treated respectfully at all times. You should let her feel special and never hurt her. Always try to respect her opinions and take advice in your day to day decisions. By respecting your women, you are not only creating a sign of respect for yourself but your value in her life will also increase. The bond that links both is the respect and joy in each others’ lives.

Appreciate and admire- The woman’s job begins early, when she wakes up in the morning, makes breakfast, sends kids to school, possibly goes to work herself and continues till she sleeps. You should make her realise that she is important to you and appreciate the little things she does for you. For instance, a simple, “I love you” can make her day. Appreciate the food she cooks for you, try to bring a smile on her face, which will keep her motivated all the day.

Photo Courtesy: Gloss Glam

Trust and honesty- Trust is the essence of every relationship. A man can never be in a woman’s heart if he is not trustworthy. If a woman trusts you, she can do anything for you; she loves if you share everything with her. You should not play with her emotions and hurt her.

Fun- When you are in a relationship, you need plenty of laughter and lightness to lesser down life’s sad moments. The best kind of relationship means a balance of fun and seriousness, which allows each partner to tap into the both sides of their personality. Spending time together can bring out the best in each other.

Love her parents too- When a girl gets married, her partner’s parents become her own parents, and she loves and respects them as her own parents. In the same manner, every woman deserves that his partner should take care of her parents and treats them equally, takes care of them and always stand along their side in good as well bad times.

Equality- No matter what changes you and your partner are facing over the course of your relationship, one of the most important aspects is the care for each other. A man should help her in household chores, take part in childcare duties and other needs as well.

Safety and security- Every woman needs a partner who can protect her forever. Partner should give assurance to his wife, to secure her in any case, be with her and will protect her well being. When a woman feels safe, she feels secure and free. Create a comfortable environment for her, and provide her safety, not in the sense of providing the house, but emotionally and mentally.