These health tips will help you survive 2017

A healthy life is what everyone desires and dreams. Healthy eating is a way to healthy life. Such a life is essential because it helps in controlling blood pressure, manage weight, make your immunity system stronger, thereby ensuring that you live long and stay happy and stress-free. If you are healthy, you will remain wealthy. Good health tips can certainly improve your health, and make you feel lighter.

You can follow the following health tips for a better 2017:

  • Intake of fibre in your diet- Fibre plays a significant role in digesting food, maintaining heart health and in reducing the risk of cancers. One must consume a good portion of fibre, eat as many fruits you can instead of opting for juices. Try to eat fruits and vegetables along with their skin, wash from the outside and do not remove the peel from apples and the other. Try to add sprouts to your diet as they are the direct source of protein, calcium and magnesium.
  • Start your day with a glass of water- Remaining hydrated is very important. Start your day with a glass of water in the morning. You can also have warm water with honey with a few drops of lemon juice as it aids in weight loss. Having water on an empty stomach will reduce many health problems.
  • Exercise- Make it a habit to exercise daily. A minimum of 30 minutes of exercise or walk is recommended. Just eating healthy diet will help, and you must focus on workouts also. Exercise will make you more active, less prone to seasonal diseases, increase your stamina, and help you remain energetic and attentive throughout the day. Try out some stretching exercises, yoga, and meditation for a healthier life.
  • Cut out the junk food- Cut down the intake of the junk and processed food, and you will feel the difference in your life. The junk food is full of additives that make you addicted to them. In no way they can contribute nutrients to your body later; it is stored as a fat leading your weight gain. Try to focus more on fruits and vegetables. Eat immediate energy foods such as bananas, mangoes, watermelon and apples. Fruits and vegetables are not high in calories and have high nutrition value.
  • Have an adequate sleep- According to a recent survey, one in three of us suffer from poor sleep, stressful job, doing late night work at home. Regular poor sleep put you at a risk of serious health conditions including heart disease, obesity, diabetes and it even shortens your life expectancy rate. For an individual, it is recommended to have around seven to eight hours of sound sleep at night to function properly. You should not be tired when you are waking up in the morning. It is the golden rule by which you can check if you are getting enough sleep or not.
  • Take appropriate sun exposure- The only way to optimize Vitamin D levels in your body is exposure in the sun. With the current lifestyle people are more likely to spend the entire day in AC offices, and they suffer from the deficiency of Vitamin D. Sunlight has many additional health benefits. Make an effort to get at least ten to fifteen minutes of sun exposure daily.