These foods can keep you warm during winters

  • Jan 10 , 2017

Winter is the time to sip on hot coffee or tea for most parts of the day or evening. These beverages are generally accompanied by hot snacks in India. However, not all foods provide the same degree of warmth. Therefore, it is advisable to follow the instructions of medical experts.

The following foods are capable of keeping individuals warm in winter:

  • Green tea- Moderate amount of regular tea or coffee should only be consumed in winter, contrary to belief. Excess consumption of these beverages can lead to dehydration. Instead, the consumption of green tea is helpful, since it is rich in antioxidants and helps to control acidity.
  • Correct type of soup-Winter is a great time to consume soup. However, make sure you do not consume very creamy soups, as they are likely to increase a huge number of calories. Some of the soups that you can look at are the mixed vegetable, chicken and oats, tomato, carrot and coconut soup, mint green peas soup with corn and apple pumpkin soup.
  •  Curry for dinner- Increase the heat by feasting on hot and spicy curry, which has a lot of chillies. Garlic, ginger and chilli peppers are also known for antibacterial and anti-viral properties. Additionally, they also have the ability to get rid of sinuses. These spices also help in clearing nasal airways, as well as getting rid of germs within the system.
  •  Do not skip meals - You may not believe it, but having all three meals a day actually helps in keeping warm. The body temperature tends to increase by a few degrees when the digestion process starts in the stomach. However, it also doesn’t mean you should eat any amount you want during a meal. All the meals need to be well balanced and must have proper portions. Some small and healthy snacks during the day are highly recommended. If you can keep the digestive system in good condition without overwhelming it, you will be just fine.
  • Do not consume too much alcohol - Many people think that drinking brandy for good quantities throughout winter is healthy. However, the truth is far from that. Yes, a moderate amount of alcohol does increase the flow of blood to the skin, which then creates warmth in the skin’s nerves. This may not actually increase body temperature, but certainly, helps the individual to feel a little warmer. Excess alcohol can have quite a reverse effect. Drinking alcohol produces a lot of sweat, which makes the body lose heat. As a result, after a long night of drinking, body temperature tends to drop below normal.
  • Eat jaggery- This is a warm food and is consumed in a number of ways. It has a number of vitamins and minerals such as phosphorous, magnesium and potassium. It is an excellent, natural cure for cold, migraine, asthma and cough.