These are the common mistakes made by new parents

  • Jan 07 , 2017

Parenthood can be overwhelming as there are lots of things to do and not to do. But no matter how much knowledge new parents absorb to set out on the parenting journey, there are always chances of making wrong turns.

There are some common areas that they need to pay specific attention, which are as follow:

Getting panic over everything: Most new parents panic at casual things like baby crying, vomiting and even bowel movements. New parents will wonder if their child is eating too little or enough, spitting up often, crying too much, and having too many bowel movements. They must remember that babies are more resilient rather than they know. If they have any doubts, they can visit the pediatrician.

Stop baby crying: It is normal for any parent to try and stop the baby’s cries. But crying is one of the integral parts of being a baby and it ensures that he is perfectly fine. Parents can let them cry out, but if they are crying for a long period then they can check with the pediatrician.

Confusing vomit and spit up: New parents must understand the difference between vomit and spit up is that the latter comes out of the mouth easily. Vomiting is more forceful and it may be more frequent. If baby having a gastrointestinal virus and the child vomits many times, it is important to contact the pediatrician.

Car seats: Most of the new parents focus on the perfect car seat installation, but they don’t consider the potential hazards for the baby to stay long in the seat when parents are not there. The problem with the respiratory system can occur in the baby if it kept in the same position for a long time in the car.

Photo Courtesy: Telegraph

Baby products: New parents often get baby powder, scented lotions and washes with adorable packaging. It is essential to know the consumer product types and it should be regulated by an FDA. However, most of the products are packed with toxins which can easily absorb into the baby’s skin. The solution is to buy the baby product free from unnecessary chemical ingredients. Parents should remember that just because the product is expensive does not mean it is best for the baby.

Eliminating oral care: There are a few steps involved that new parents can follow for their baby’s new teeth. If the teeth have erupted via the gums, then parents should not give milk in bed because this will raise the risk of developing cavities. Utilise wet gauze in order to clean the baby’s gums. Parents can start the soft child toothbrush if the baby reaches one year. It must be ensured that the child gets enough fluoride.

Fighting too much in front of babies: New parents must careful about fighting when their child around. Even the babies of few months can have the skill to sense the negativities of parents arguing.

Sleep: Every parent wants their newborn baby to have a nap for a long time. This will keep them healthy, but the thing is that the baby needs to wake up every three hours at night to eat till the pediatrician provides the enough information regarding sleep patterns. Long sleep during the day will disturb the baby at night.

Trusting unreliable sources: There may be a chance that new parents will go to the wrong place in order to obtain the parenting advice. They need to review about the place they are going to get parental advice prior to going there.