These are the causes of your greying hair

  • Jan 19 , 2017

We have seen so many people having salt and pepper hair. Celebrities may carry that shade quite well but for a common man, it is a great deal to have grey hair. If hair starts to turn grey while ageing there is nothing to worry but greying of hair at a young age is a problem for many.

Here are the causes due to which your hair turns grey:

  • Heredity- if your parents, sibling or relatives had grey hair at an early age then you are prone of premature greying of hair. It’s the genes which are changing your hair colour.
  • Smoking- Smoking is responsible for premature greying of hair as it decreases the melanin in the body which leads to grey hair at an early age.
  • Diseases- hyper or hypothyroidism, anaemia is also the causes of premature greying of hair.
  • Diet- your diet should include the proper amount of proteins, iron, vitamin B12 their deficiency can lead to greying of hair.
  • Stress- both physical and mental stress can be a reason for greying of hair. Most common is the age of 20-40 when hair colour changes to grey due to stress.
  • Chemicals- Hair products contain chemicals which may not suit your hair scalp can make your hair grey at an early age. Choose wisely.

Myths about premature greying of hair:

  • Plucking of hair - If you pluck one grey hair then you will get more grey hair at the same place is a myth. Plucking of one grey hair will not change your hair colour your hair will grow as a natural hair colour that you have.
  • Daily hair washes – No, washing your hair daily is not going to save you from premature greying of hair. Daily hair wash can make your hair oil and bacteria free but will not prevent our hair from turning grey.
  • Using hair colour- We do not allow our children to go with style and dye their hair into purple, red, green and other colours as it is one of the reasons of premature greying of hair, it is a myth. Your hair turns grey with age, stress, medical reasons etc... Not due to use of dye in your hair.
  • Sunlight- sun rays does not fade your hair colour it may darken your skin tone but is not the reason of premature greying of hair. So you are free to come outside with covering yourself with hat or scarf.
  • Menopause- it is believed that menopause is the cause of premature greying of hair but no, menopause is not the reason, and reason is ageing as when you grow old body stops producing catalase which makes your hair grey.
  • Traumatic incidence- It is not true that if you face a traumatic incident in your life will make your hair grey. Incident can lead stress which can be a reason but the only incident cannot be the sole reason.