Take care of women after delivery

  • Jan 20 , 2017

Giving birth to a baby is very exciting for any mother. The weeks of your baby arrival are generally very busy and exciting. Once the little one has been around for a while, it becomes very difficult to take care of your own self.

New mothers should take special care and attention after giving birth to the baby and while they are breastfeeding. If you are taking good care of yourself, it will not only help you to remain fit but also help to regain your power, energy and strength. If you are in a pink of your health, you will be able to do handle your newborn in a good state of mind. You have to keep in mind that it takes time for your body to return back to its pre- pregnancy state. Do not hurry for anything and give time to yourself.

How to start with:

  • Start with taking a few steps in the beginning, as soon as it is possible for you after the birth of your new born, and do walk with the approval of your nursing staff or the doctor.
  • Do not exercise or over exert yourself in any of the cases. Do as much exercise at this level where you are comfortable, but do not stretch yourself.
  • Always try to breathe deeply you are exercising; do not hold your breath for a longer time.
  • If you notice any increase in the bleeding during your exercise, you should immediately call your doctor and take his advice.
  • Always begin with pelvic floor exercises, known as Kegels as soon as possible after the birth of your new born.

Things to remember doing Kegels

  • While sitting, lying or standing, gently tighten the muscles of your pelvic floor for three to four seconds and then relax, you can repeat this two or three times.
  • Gradually you can increase the time you tighten the muscles to 5 to 6 seconds and then slowly to 10 seconds

    Photo Courtesy: Cafe Mom

Eating habits:

  • You should drink plenty of water to help flush toxins; it will reduce the swelling and aid in the healing.
  • You aim should not be weight loss, instead, you should have healthy and nutritious meals and snacks when you are hungry, breastfeeding too requires you to eat healthily and at regular intervals.
  • During the first few weeks after the pregnancy has light and easy feels, which you are able to digest and not let you feel heavy.
  • You should have enough of dairy products and milk in your diet.

Do’s after delivery:

  • Get as much as sleep you can after your delivery, take a nap when your baby sleeps.
  • See the climate where you are residing and try to spend some time outside in the fresh air and get the sunshine whenever possible for you.
  • You can socialise with the new mom, and create a group to talk about the parenting issues and just to feel lighter and share few things about the experiences of new motherhood.
  • Talk and accept help from the family members, whether it is to buy any stuff for you, do some laundry, or simply you can take a break and give time to yourself.