Sharing your toiletries can lead to unwanted infections

Sharing your personal stuff with others is never a great idea. Unknowingly you are risking your hygiene and health. Many bacteria pass on from one personal to other and at times it can be really serious.

  • Soaps - Since soap doesn’t usually dry all the way between uses, it’s a breeding ground for potential bacteria, infection and yeast to be transferred from person to person. You should rather use liquid soap to take shower.
  • Towels – Out of home on a vacation and forgot your towel? Or at a family function and sharing your towel with others? Please stop doing that right away! That soft, fluffy towel you keep passing around also pass along anything from gonorrhea to pink eye, especially if it’s wet.
  • Mascara and lipstick - Lots of makeup has preservatives, which can cut down on bacterial growth, but better safe than sorry.
  • Antiperspirant - Unlike deodorants, antiperspirants don’t have any germ or stink-killing properties. But that doesn’t mean one’s better than the other for communal use unless you’re not grossed out by the prospect of swiping on somebody else’s hairs and skin cells.
  • Pumice stone - The same goes for sharing any pedicure supplies. No one wants rough, cracked heels, but, you definitely don’t want someone else’s exfoliated skin cells transferring things like plantar warts.
  • Loofahs - The exfoliating powers of loofahs are also the reason you should hate the idea of someone using yours. Fungi and viruses from dead skin cells can grow and spread through the fibre, since it never really dries.
  • Razors – Now this is the scariest one. Sharing razors can contribute to the spread of scary stuff like hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV. But even if your friend has been tested, you’re both still at risk for transferring fungal and bacterial infections. So please, a big NO on sharing razors.