Keep your children safe from social media

  • Jan 30 , 2017

Social media occupies a very important place in our life. Mostly today’s kids are influenced by social media. If we calculate, it shows that nearly 80 per cent of today’s young generation maintains active accounts on leading social media sites. Parents are concerned about their children, so it is a serious challenge for them to make their children understand the risks involved in social media.

Social media today is a blessing on one hand and curse on the other. There are many benefits of the same, but if adequate care is not taken, many risks are also involved.

Firstly, it is important for parents to understand social media properly. Once they understand its benefits and faults, they can make their children understand the risks so that the children are aware of it and use social media in a positive way.

Some major teenagers parenting tips which will help parents are:

Photo Courtesy: Dr Phill

As mentioned above, parents themselves need to understand the different social media. They need to open an account so that they can understand how things actually work in these sites. Different social media face different risks. So it is important for parents to understand each one of them and accordingly teach their children about it. Some major sites are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Parents need to relax and talk to their children about the dangers involved in these sites. Often children share a lot of personal information on these sites. They are not aware of the fact that this information is easily accessible to someone else. But parents are experienced. They need to talk to their kids directly about how someone else can misuse their personal information or photos. Once children are aware of it, they will be careful from next time before sharing any information or photos on these sites.

It is advisable to keep the computer in an open space rather than keeping it in a secluded place. If the computer is kept in the open then children will be conscious before indulging in any inappropriate behaviour. Also, parents will be able to keep an eye on their children’s behaviour.

Set a timeframe- As parents, you need to set timeframe for your children. In a week or in a day you need to fix particular hours where your children will be involved in social media sites. With this practice, children will start trusting their parents and will not hide anything from them.

It is important to check the privacy settings on these sites regularly. Managing the privacy settings will not only protect your computer, but it will also ensure that your child’s profile is safe and secure.

These are some tips which are believed to protect teenagers from the dangers involved in social media sites. Parents can take the best care of their children so parents need to keep their eyes open and educate their children properly. Once they understand, they will become conscious of the same, so that they are not only protected from risks on these sites, but their future is enhanced at the same time.