How to say sorry in any relationship

One of the biggest hurdles in saying sorry is to decide whether you need to say sorry or not. Usually, it boils down to an ego tussle, where one partner decides that his or self-respect should not be compromised in any situation. It is important to realise, and that too for both genders, that saying sorry does not make either partner more vulnerable than the other. It just means that the mistake has been accepted and one can go on in life without having a bitter heart feeling.

To make things easier, you can come up with some innovative ways to say sorry to your partner.

Apologies first – In case both are feeling upset, be sure to apologise first. Here are some of the methods you can use:

  • Leave secret messages denoting that you are sorry in different areas of the house. It could start with the main door, go to the fridge, into the drawing room and further. You could even keep it at unimaginable places, such as below the coffee maker. Be sure to have a pen open to it close by so that the message can be easily found.
  • You can say “I’m sorry” by creating a small love book and tell on each page how much you love your partner.
  • Get customised cakes with apology messages such as “I’ll do better next time” or “Can we start again?”
  • Place an order for your partner’s favourite food and keep a sorry note with it.
  • If you wish to do it in a bolder way, get a customised t-shirt with “I am sorry” written on it. With this, you can be sure that your message is sent loud and clear.

We all are human and we all are perfectly capable of making mistakes. What is important is that firstly an individual should accept that the mistake has been on his or her part instead of shifting blame, and secondly it should not be repeated. By coming up with creative ways of saying sorry, it is clearly visible how much effort is being put in to rectify the mistake.

Here are some more ways of making any relationship work:

  • Sticky notes are simple enough to put up. You can stick up reasons why you love your partner in obvious places such as bathroom walls or mirrors, desks and chest of drawers.
  • In case your partner is majorly fond of candy, you can look to write “I am sorry” or “I love you” on their favourite chocolate bar and leave it by the bedside or on the table.
  • A bag of nuts which has this message “Sorry to have driven you nuts” will be very cute and most welcome.
  • In case you have bad poetic skills, use them to create a really bad poem for your partner. In all likelihood, the attempt is what will make him or her laugh and forgive you.
  • As you can see, it is not necessary for you to have exemplary skills in any field to impress your partner. It is really the thought that counts, and as long as you try to make the person feel better, things will be just fine.