Home remedies for back aches

Back pain is a modern lifestyle-related problem in India. For this a number of home remedies are available. If a backache is not severe, it means one can utilise some natural home remedies, but if it severe and has been present for more than two weeks, one must go to the doctor.

There are several kinds of options for treatment is available for the back problems. Herbal oils and massage oils are very cheap and they soothe backaches. Also, honey, lemon, yoga and heat packs are the most common home remedies will help to relieve pain. In olden days, ancestors used natural remedies to cure many diseases, but now everyone seeking for tablets and sudden remedies even for a simple problem.

Check out these home remedies to cure back pain:

Massage therapy: It can be applied to cure back pain, in which by using the hands masseurs have to rub and press the particular part in the back. Special oils are utilised for this type of procedure and good massage therapist surely nice to give the relief from back pain.

Vitamins and Minerals: Supplements of vitamins and minerals are also recommended for back pain. Vitamin C is most effective and to obtain it, patients have to buy pills from local stores. They can also get vitamin C through fruits and vegetables, which are natural sources.

Lifestyle change: Changing the lifestyle will also consider one of the remedy to cure of a backache. This refers to how people are using their body, for example. They have to avoid incorrect postures. They should not lie down or sit in a position that will make their back muscles strained, as it will create more pain.

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Exercising: Through exercise, people can reduce pain in the back. Exercise assists the body to increase the blood circulation. Medical experts’ state that when muscles, nerves, ligaments and surrounding tissues present in the back does not get enough blood flow, these problems leads to back troubles. So, doing cardiovascular exercise provides great benefits for the people, who are having back pain.

Heat: For this rice need to be kept in the microwave for a few seconds and can be placed on the strained area. This heat will relax the muscles and then eases the pain.

Try new bed: Uncomfortable mattress leads to cause lower back pain. Lying in bed for long periods will cause pain in the muscles and also makes the muscles to become weak. Try to put the three quarter sheet inch plywood in between the box spring and mattress and this will give effective results.

Hit the sack: Once you get the new mattress, you should make sure that there is adequate sleep, or else insomnia will cause the muscle to get tensed. Avoid watching television or working in the same place for a long time and sleep for eight hours every night.

Cool pack: Applying an ice pack on the affected area considered as one of the best remedies for the back pain. This cold will reduce the inflammation and also it will decrease the nerve compression. Any fancy icepack, freezer bag or frozen peas with the ice cubes is enough to cure the pain.