Here’s how you can keep your liver healthy

Some simple tricks that can help you keep your liver healthy:

  • Breaks from alcohol –Even small quantities of alcohol if consumed regularly can burden your liver. The liver is responsible for detoxification, so, having complete breaks regularly from alcoholic drinks helps your liver. Also always eat well when you consume alcohol.
  • When to eat - Avoid foods which you are allergic or sensitive to, as these weaken liver function and stress the immune system. Avoid eating when you feel stressed; at these times the body’s resources are focused on other areas, not the liver and digestion and we when you feel strung out you also tend to make the wrong food choices. Avoid over-eating, only eat when you’re hungry and find other ways to occupy your time when you’re bored.
  • The importance of water - Add a squeeze of lemon juice to a glass of filtered water and drink first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything else. This primes your liver and digestion for the day ahead. Drink at least eight glasses or two litres of filtered water daily. This helps to flush out toxins through the bladder and bowels preventing them from being recirculating in the bloodstream.
  • Opt for organic foods - Eat organic foods if possible, especially fresh produce, meats and dairy products. Non-organic foods are laden with pesticides, herbicides, hormones and antibiotics all of which are toxins. As the body’s filtration system, the liver filters out and destroys bacteria and viruses that enter the body with food. So, a healthy digestive tract with a good balance of friendly bacteria protects the body from intruders and lessens the liver’s load.
  • Omega-3 essential fatty acids - It helps the cells to transfer toxins from within the cell to the outside of the cell. Omega-3 is also important for a healthy immune system and a healthy inflammatory response.
  • Beware of chemicals - Use chemical-free body care products to minimise the chemical load the liver has to deal with. The skin is extremely absorptive so everything that is applied to the skin and hair ends up in the bloodstream and must be cleared out by the liver. Use chemical-free household cleaning products like detergents, all-purpose cleaners, and laundry powder as these may find their way into your body through the skin, by inhalation or through our food.