Here’s how to say ‘No to smoking’

We often hear the line ‘smoking is injurious to health’, but the question is do we ponder on this question ever and how it is harming our body and how is injurious? People who are not into the habit of smoking surely believe in the statement but for those who are addicted, do not have an idea on how slowly smoking is killing them from inside.

Here are few tips how you can say ‘No to smoking’:

  • Fix a date: Fix a date when you want to quit smoking and engage yourself in work so that you don’t crave for a smoke. When you make a plan and fix a date it is easier to follow as you are motivated to follow the plan. Cut the budget of cigarette packs.
  • Be busy: Engage yourself in different activities like walking, solving puzzles and ticking of pen. In initial days you can chew gums as they will keep you away from the smoking.
  • Avoid smoking areas: Stay away from people who smoke. Go to smoke-free zones, restaurants and whenever you wish to have one, drink a lot of water.
  • Decrease the pace: If you are a chainsmoker, you will have a cigarette every hour. So, for a week have two cigarettes per day than reduce it to one and slowly say ‘No’ to it.
  • Snacks: Keep snacks with you, like, dry fruits and nuts as they will help you in getting rid of smoking. Whenever you feel like having a smoke, try your hand on munching dry fruits and nuts.
  • Nicotine gums: Nicotine gums are more like flavoured gums. They reduce the amount of nicotine intake and reduce the number of cigarettes.
  • Caffeine: It is not to say that coffee or tea is good for health but if taken in proper amount it is not bad. So, when you start quitting, have coffee or tea as it will reduce the number of cigarettes you have.