Health benefits of yoga

In this modern world, people are taking up hectic and unsystematic lifestyle choices. This includes erratic food habits, lack of sleep, long working hours, etc. Due to this, the new generation kids or adults are their losing health, vitality, flexibility, energy and overall resistance to diseases. To cure this, there is a hope with Yoga.

The purpose of Yoga is to create strength, awareness and harmony between the mind and body. Practicing Yoga not only helps you with physical need of your body, but it offers best benefits to help a person manage stress as well.

Here are some benefits why Yoga is so good for you:

Strength, agility and flexibility: Practicing yoga increases strength, agility, and flexibility. Doing yoga makes sure that the ligaments are repaired and the connective tissues are just as strong and flexible as the muscle.

Yoga enhances memory and cognitive functioning: The best yoga exercise to enhance your memory is to practice meditation. Yoga involves breathing and stretching which can enhance your cognitive functioning. Due to yoga, ‘yogis’ are good at learning, have a great memory capacity and have a high level of concentration.

Yoga naturally reduces pain: Studies have proven that yoga can be very effective at relieving pain during fibromyalgia, arthritis or migraine attacks. Yoga can make practically disappear back pain, which is the most common in people these days.

Respiratory efficiency increases: Yoga is one of the few practices that utilise pranayama- the cultivation of life force through breathing.

Mental health is greatly enhanced: Yoga offers many benefits in the psychological department as well. Benefits like improved overall mood and sense of well-being, more connectedness with others, lowered depressive states, less hostility toward the self and others, less anxiety, feeling of self-actualisation increase and motivation increases.

Blood pressure is normalised: Yoga has specific benefits for hypo-reactors in blood pressure. For those suffering from hypertension, yoga has shown to be even more effective than dietary changes for improving blood pressure.

Body weight reduces: Doing high intensity interval workout burns calories. Yoga has a way of normalising body weight by restoring hormonal balance in the body. We train our brains to feel satiated more easily because we aren’t constantly in panic mode. Stress is known to cause obesity and fuel virtually all diseases and yoga is a perfect counter measure.

Everyone knows yoga has been in practice since ages; perhaps one of the most convenient health benefits of yoga is that you can experience them just about anywhere. Yoga is timeless and can be done almost anywhere without any inconvenience. For seeing best results, Yoga just demands some time to it.