Green tea, a miracle drink

Green tea has many medicinal properties and a cup or two in a day will make you see changes in your body. We all know it is an anti-oxidant, which controls weight gain and controls blood pressure but there is much more to it. Green tea came from china and is made after processing black tea.

Here are few benefits of green tea that you were not aware of:

  • Tooth decay- Green tea contains an antioxidant component, catechin which kills off bacteria that causes throat infections, plague, and other dental problems.
  • Oral cancer – Green tea may be an alternative to chemotherapy for oral cancer patients. The presence of EGCG kills cancer cells mitochondria. Cancer cells succumb to ECGC and die.
  • UV protection- If you want to reduce skin redness and do not want premature ageing then you need to drink green tea as catechin makes skin UV resistant. You will see the visible change when you start drinking green tea or you can use it externally as a face pack.
  • Controls hair fall- Green tea helps you control hair fall as well. Just rinse your hair with green tea and then wash your hair with shampoo.
  • Eyesight- Green tea prevents cataract-induced blindness and controls eyesight as antioxidant penetrates the tissues of eyes and produce anti-oxidant activity.
  • Diabetes- If you drink green tea after eating any meal it can lower down the rise of blood sugar and regulates glucose level which prevents high insulin and stores fat.
  • Prevents food poisoning- The antioxidant catechin kills off bacteria which is responsible for food poisoning. It also reduces the toxins generated by those bacteria.
  • Stronger bones- Drinking green tea preserves bones density. Fluoride content is found in green tea which makes bones stronger.
  • Cold and flu- Presence of Vitamin C in green tea help in fighting cold and flu. It is more like a preventive drink than a cure.