Generation gap, the clash of thinking

The generation gap is a difference of opinions between one generation and another on beliefs, ethics or values. In today's usage, generation gap often refers to a perceived gap between younger people and their parents or grandparents.

Everything changes with time - age, culture, mannerism, morality and even thinking. It is a fact that this difference affects everyone extensively and brings out a wide change in the making of the society and its culture.

The clash

There has always been a clash between the two generations. The change in our mindsets, though the change is natural, but, people belonging to the past generations may take it in a negative way. This is the cause of the clash and this state of clash and difference of opinion is termed to be a generation gap.

The present generation is more practical and gives more importance to money, modernity and excessive exposure in every field of life. The beliefs and considerations have been completely changed. Daily soaps, movies, Bollywood and Hollywood are the trendsetters of our society, nowadays.

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The effect of generation gap between parents and children

Today's children are born into a competitive world and have to struggle to get everything. Many a times their true potential gets overshadowed in this rat race. Parents burdened by the expectations of the society end up forcing their dreams and aspirations on their children. But, today’s youth want their life the way they dream of it. Now, this is the biggest cause of the clash as parents try to monitor their children’s lives and mold it the way they think it should be. Both former and latter thinks that they are right with their perspectives. Parents, on one hand, think that they have seen more experience than their children, so they know more and better about the world. On the other hand, children think that the world is changing rapidly and so must their parents and their thinking. They should listen to what their child needs, should change with time and let them live the way they want to. This cannot be denied. But their constant monitoring makes children feel oppressed and they tend to turn rebellious.

It is essential for parents to talk to their children and treat them as individuals. To be forever treated as a child can be irritating and sometimes even humiliating. Try to know your child more, let him express himself/herself. Children, in turn, must reciprocate with due respect and attention.

Matters such as career, lifestyle and sensitive issues like freedom of choice must be dealt very carefully and with maturity. Listen to what your parents say. You cannot deny the fact that they have seen more experience than you and have better knowledge. Gaining modern education doesn’t make you superior to anyone else because education remains the same, the methods change. Never forget, they are the ones who brought you into this world, taught you how to walk, how to talk. Listening to elders will make you learn many things. Try to understand stuff through their perspective and same goes for the parents as well.