Gain weight by eating these healthy food

Losing weight is a problem and so is gaining. People do believe in a myth that eating junk food will help in gaining weight but that’s not the truth. People may gain weight for a time while eating junk but that will have adverse effects. It may lead to certain diseases, like, cholesterol may rise up which is a problem itself as it is one of the root causes of other diseases.

Eat healthy food if you want a permanent solution to gain weight and will not have any harmful effects.

Here are few food products which you should eat:

  • Milk- Add milk or soy milk to your diet as milk is a combination of proteins as well as fat that will help in gaining weight. Milk contains fat, which is beneficial for the body. If you drink 3-4 glass of milk every day that will be very helpful.
  • Nuts- If you want to gain weight quickly than always keep nuts with you. Nuts are the best source to give energy to your body which helps in gaining weight. Nuts are also rich in fibre. They may be expensive but consuming 100gms of nuts will help you gain 700 calories see how helpful it is.
  • Fish- If you are a non-vegetarian then add fish (tuna) to your diet. Tuna fish is very rich in proteins it also helps in smooth functioning of the body. Tuna is inexpensive so you can add 3-4 times a week; you will notice how quickly you gain weight.
  • Banana- From our childhood doctors recommend eating banana and milk as it is very helpful in gaining weight. Wrestlers when gaining weight they eat 4-5 bananas in one go because each banana contains 100 calories and it has all vitamins which are necessary for diet.
  • Peanut butter- Start having peanut butter in your breakfast, have 2-3 tablespoons do not eat too much as it does not contain saturated fat. It will surely help you to gain weight.
  • Eggs- an egg is one for all type of a food product as it contains proteins, vitamins, fats and all necessary nutrients for the body. Eating eggs 4-5 times a week will help you maintaining weight gain goal.
  • Avocado- It is like a lottery who wants to gain weight as it is like a hamper which contains everything which is necessary to gain weight. One avocado contains 32o calories which contain fats as well. Eat avocado in a salad or spread it over a sandwich.
  • Cheese- Cheese is a big no for fat people but it should be welcomed by skinny people and especially for vegetarians. Cheese is rich in calorie, proteins and guess what it contains saturated fat so you don’t need to worry while consuming. Start consuming cheese only daily basis; add cheese in your salad and sandwiches.

Drink more and more water when you want to gain weight as it will help in movement of the nutrients which are necessary for the body.