Follow these tips to enhance your emotional stability

  • Jan 30 , 2017

Some of us are always more emotionally stable than others. A person who is emotionally stable has lesser chances of emotions governing his or her actions as compared to others. In daily lives, you may have come across several individuals for whom the mere mention of a place or an event causes emotional jitters. For example, in case a woman was dumped at a particular mall, she is likely to be always haunted by a feeling of déjà vu whenever she returns to the same place. In case you are having such frequent bouts of emotional instability, it’s about time you took some help.

It might sound very difficult to let go of baggage from the past but is not. All one needs to do is remember the proverb, “The only thing constant in this world is change”. You need to always keep in mind that whatever happens, it is meant to be for the good. Accept this change and move on. There is no doubt it will take time, but be willing to give it time.

Follow these tips

  • Live in the present- As mentioned above, the sooner you let go of the past, the better. There is no point in crying over what has happened, as emotional upheavals are part of every individual’s life. When you keep going back to a person who was your past, like your ex, he or she is likely to haunt you every time. Remember to be in the present, since there was a reason the past wasn’t brought forward
  • Do not think of every statement as an ‘attack’- At the end of every relationship, most emotionally unstable individuals are likely to get into attach-defense modes. While retaliating an attack, one tends to get defensive. As a result, it becomes almost impossible to let your guard down at any time and take each day as it comes. So switch off the defence mode and be yourself
  • Socialise- In the event that you do not meet people regularly, you could start withdrawing from everyone, which could eventually lead to depression. Do not let this happen to yourself- move out, meet people and socialise. This is the time that you need your friends most, so don’t hold yourself back for fear of an awkward situation
  • Always be yourself- For fear that someone is attempting to judge you, do not change yourself. If someone has to like you, they need to like you the way you are, and not who you can be
  • In case there is confusion about your feelings, ask others- Most often than not, people try to judge on their own how they are feeling, at all times. But then if emotions were that simple to deal with, why would one need family or friends? At the time when you are having a rolling coaster ride with respect to feelings, don’t try so hard to keep it within- share it with close friends or members of the family.