Follow these tips for better parenting

Parenting is definitely not an easy task. There are several worries parents have for their children, about inculcating a positive attitude, about their abilities and how the children will deal during their teenage years. As per studies, it has been confirmed that teens are more confident when they have healthy relationships with their parents are open to them in discussing the issues related to their life.  

To build a strong relationship with teenagers, it is advisable to avoid the common mistakes that parents make while dealing them. These are:

  • Advising more than listening- Parents have the tendency to speak more and listen less. Teens want their parents to pay attention to them. No one likes when you give lectures all the time and they are not always useful. Even when you don’t agree with the point of view of teenage kids, they expect you to understand their opinion and that you do not disrespect their feelings. Instead of giving lectures it is advisable for the parents to provide guidance to the kids, listen to them, be a friend to them and allow teenage girls to express more to you.
  • Ignoring their perception- Sometimes what parents think to be inconsequential turns out to be quite important for the teenager. For instance, issues related to breakups, canceled dates, grades issues and teacher-related problems. These are the few instances when parents feel it is a small thing to cope up with, but for kids it is serious. You should not ignore any of the issues which can have an impact on the teenagers’ minds. Instead talk to them, understand, support and discuss with them in their bad as well as good times. Extend care and concern to let your teenage kids feel they are not alone and his/her parents are always with them.
  • Not keeping faith in teens- When parenting a teenage, faith is the most vital factor for him or her. If your child comes to you and discuss a problem, do not instantly blame and discourage the child that it is their mistake. It will not only make them disturbed but also from the next time they will be at a distance from you and not share their problems. Do not jump to conclusion so early, even if your kid is at fault. Instead explain the teenage kid properly in a polite manner. You can tell him how to deal with the situation better and solve the problems in another way.
  • Making teenage kids dependent on you- One common mistake every parent does is solving the problem themselves. They are overprotective to the teenage children and do not let them face practical situations of life. To make them prepare for their future life, you need to encourage and guide the kids to solve the problem, rather than being scared or not having the confidence to address any problem. Parents have the responsibility to make the teenagers’ independent, and self-confident.