Fitness trends among top CEOs in India

  • Jan 25 , 2017

Being fit and in shape is an essential requirement of almost everyone in India today. More than 65 per cent of the country’s population is under the age of 40, which is the ideal age to workout. Of course, it is also the age when high achieving individuals become CEOs of companies. Despite having huge responsibilities, it is this CEO brigade which has taken the world of fitness in India by storm.

Although, not all of them are young here. However, they still follow strict fitness regimes despite a long hour of work schedules:

  • Anil Ambani: 57-year-old chairman of the Reliance Group regularly participates in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon every year and also looks to be a part of international competitions. He began running in 2003, the year in which he trained for the Boston Marathon and since then there has been no looking. He makes it a point to run 10 km every morning ti maintain his health.
  • Ajith Karimpana- He is the CEO of online furniture company Furlenco. Karimpana is known to be a very good swimmer, though he was out of action for some time due to his busy lifestyle and gym-related injuries. Now he is back in action and swimming a few laps every day and then rounding off with underwater stretching and exercises. The kinds of workouts he does are all of the high intensity but can make people susceptible to injuries.
  • N Chandrasekaran- The CEO and managing director of TCS showcase his agility both in the boardroom and outside. Despite travelling for more than 20 days a month, he still wakes up at 5 Am every morning to run. It was a family history of diabetes which motivated him to start running. Now he also inspires young employees to use running as a means of connecting with themselves.
  • Samir Thapar- This CEO and MD of JCT made it to this list by virtue of being a professional rally driver. He maintains the correct balance between a holistic fitness regime and a healthy diet. Despite his busy schedule, he still goes to the gym five days a week. He had topped the chart last year in the Super Special Stage of the last round of the FMSCI Indian National Rally Championship in Chikmaglur. He also owned famous football club JCT until it was dissolved in 2011.  

So it’s not just the fitness routine that matters, but also the kind of diet one follows, which together ensures that you are neither overweight nor underweight. Activities such as Zumba are being taken up in hordes by youngsters. Zumba is effective because it is a combination of dance and workouts. This amusing workout regime is usually combined with international music, especially Latin music.