Face cleansing tips for an overall clear skin

We all desire and dream of having a beautiful skin. In our busy and hectic life, it is sometimes not possible to visit the salon and get facials or clean ups done. Most of us ignore cleansing our face daily at home and due to the exposure to dust, sun, pollution, our skin becomes rough and dry. Our face needs a regular cleansing for the healthy and the radiant look. You must clean your face twice a day morning as well as night, and avoid using harsh soaps on the face.

Few healthy tips for face cleansing:

  • Wash your face before going to bed- Cleansing at night will reduce the amount of oil on the skin and will remove the acne- causing bacteria. Washing your face every day and applying moisturiser will keep your skin hydrated and moist as well. For oily skin, use a good face wash instead of soap.
  • Steaming- Steam you face as long as your skin can sustain. Steaming removes the clogged pores and aids to loosen the dead skin layer over your face. After the steaming process, gently wipe your face with a facial tissue. Steaming is a magical treatment for oily skin. Apply ice cubes in a circular motion to bring skin temperature to normal and it will close the pores of the face.
  • Scrubbing- Scrubbing is the process of removing dead cells from the skin. Clean your face with the moisturiser with cotton. Gently apply scrub in a circular motion on your face. You can also make your natural scrub using honey and sugar in equal parts to glow your skin naturally. Scrub your face for around three to five minutes. Do not use scrub brush on your face. For oily skin, lemon juice extract acts as a great scrub.
  • Face pack- Face pack should be selected as per your skin type. It cleanses the face deeply and removes all the impurities and dirt from your skin. Applying a face pack makes your skin soften and improves the skin tone. It will tighten your skin and hydrate it. You can apply the face pack using rose water or sandalwood face pack. Leave it for fifteen minutes and clean with a soft cloth. Fresh fruits can also be used for cleansing the face such as mashed bananas, mashed papaya or the tomato for tightening the skin and give a glowing effect on your skin.
  • Vegetable cleanser- Vegetable cleanser soothes the skin, moisturises the face and helps in improving the skin’s elasticity. You can make the face pack of cucumber using yogurt with it. Leave it for around fifteen minutes then rinse with warm water. You can also use sliced potato or grated potato for your face, which will act as a natural bleaching agent. Using potato will make your skin tone lighter and remove all the dead skin.