Excessive usage of smartphone can hamper your sleep

  • Jan 10 , 2017

With advancements in technology, people have learned to live a sophisticated life. However, they lack a normal healthy lifestyle. Many positive things have happened with the advent of mobile phones. At the same time, it is very important to study about the ill-effects on human health due to over exposure to mobile phones. This statement is true because there are numerous people who check their smartphones every now and then, and at one stage they become addicted. The following content clearly portrays the associations between the mental health effects and mobile phone usage.

How do the smartphones affect sleep?

It might give happiness to spend excess time than what is planned for computing devices (like computers, mobile phones, tablets), but this certainly makes one feel stressed out. These negative effects might make you neglect other personal activities (such as sleep, rest, and relaxation) and also personal needs (like physical activities, social interaction). By doing so, your mind and body continually remain under stress and get affected at one stage. The new studies also warn that the people who got addicted to their smartphones might suffer from very low sleep quality and overall less sleep.

The ill-effect created by the smartphone’s ‘blue’ light

Smartphones and tablet emit a kind of ‘blue’ light that disrupts your sleep. The special cells behind the eyeballs pick up the light and tell the brain that it is morning. This is how the smartphones affect sleep in day-to-day life. The important hormone that is responsible for sleep is melatonin, which gets suppressed with the continual usage of smartphones.

In a normal human being, melatonin helps in regulating and maintaining circadian rhythms and sleep timings. During night times, melatonin levels will get raised in the anticipation of getting a sound sleep. But it has been found in a recent study that people who have been continually using smartphones are getting affected with the lack of the secretion of the melatonin. Thus they suffer from low sleep.

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The negative effects of excessive smartphone usage

If you are one such addicted person, then you may certainly experience the following such as:

  • Stress on the fingers
  • Mental stress
  • Bodily stress
  • Delinquency
  • Aggressiveness
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia and so forth

The connection between insomnia and smartphones:

Of course, people who always feel addicted to smartphones will always find it difficult to unplug themselves from work and social networks. Constantly using mobile phones keep you close to your pillow, which might cause severe damage to your whole body and especially your eyes than what you have imagined. Certainly, this kind of over-usage of technology might create less productivity, stress, lower brain activity, lower energy levels, and difficulty in concentration. Therefore allowing the phone usage to interfere your sleep is certainly the worst thing that will damage your mind, soul, and body.