Are you shaving your legs the right way?

In this modern era, women are nowhere lesser than men. They stand strong as much as men do. In fact, women are much busier than men. In today’s lifestyle, women try to save as much time as they can. Not only working and eating, working on holidays, etc. but they are playing hide and seek with personal hygiene as well. Yes, many women are opting for shaving arms and legs rather than waxing to stay and look tip-top by saving few precious minutes. Unfortunately, they are making many mistakes unknowingly.

Some of the common mistakes are not rinsing the blade after each stroke, shaving in a direction opposite to hair growth. There's a segment of dead skin, stubble, and shaving product built-up every time your razor passes your shave zone. It gets between your twin/triple blades and reduces the sharpness and grip of your shave, and can mess with your skin. Shaving in opposite direction of hair growth causing ingrown hair, i.e. the tip or the end of the hair goes back into the skin.

Not lathering up properly and shaving on dry skin may cause red bumps on skin which are really harmful. Using the same razor again and again or not using a disposable razor makes the razor blunt leading to literally scratching off the upper layer of skin. Never apply too much pressure as can cut the skin.

You must have proper pre and post shaving routine.  Before shaving always exfoliate the skin and post shaving always use moisturizer. 

Remember, Shaving causes dry skin.Waxing keep legs smooth and keep the hairy legs away for a longer time, unlike shaving. Shaving too often ruins the skin, making it hard and dry. So next time you shave be aware of these and take care of your skin.