Beauty care tips for men

The notion about masculinity that men needn’t take care of their skin by using beauty products, which is considered to be a ‘girl thing’ has become quite a cliché nowadays. With hundreds of beauty products focusing specifically on men and their skin care, choosing the right kind of product along with a perfect combination of tips and hacks goes a long way for guys who believe in taking care of their looks, along with health standards.

The following points consists a wide range of health tips for men which can be implemented on a daily basis for getting an even toned healthy, bright and attractive skin:

  • Keep your skin exfoliated – One of the simplest ways to make your skin clear is exfoliating it with a scrub about two times a week. This helps in removal of all kinds of dead and dry skin patches that develop due to different kinds of exposure to the outside environment, besides allowing the skin to breathe.
  • Strawberries – One of the most neglected, yet extremely important part of your first impression are your teeth. While shiny white teeth can give a good impression, dirty yellow ones are a big turn off! Against the hefty and costly teeth whitening treatments, you can now opt for strawberries and use its pulp as an excellent teeth whitener.

    Photo Courtesy: Grayson's Berryland

  • Fresh breath – Whitened teeth do not guarantee a fresh mouth. Brushing, coupled with a proper mouthwash, is essential to give you top notch oral health.
  • Get rid of dry, rough skin – Against all notions, a rough and rugged look doesn’t mean you need to be dirty and unhygienic. Moisturised and manicured skin and hands give of equal ruggedness if done rightly.
  • To shave or not to shave – Perhaps one of the classic categorising factors in men, facial hair are a big turn on if carried in the right manner, else they’re nothing more than a patch of bushes growing on the face. For people lying in the latter category, it is advisable to stay clean shaved as it is an equally liked and preferred look. Eventually, it’s all about how you carry yourself and what makes you confident. Shaving calls for both time and concentration if it needs to be done right. Men can often end up with sore or dull skin if shaving isn’t done properly.
  • Hair care – Your hair is one of the most essential features of appearance, as it can affect and alter your looks. Don’t go for cheap shampoos just for the washing sake of hair. Also, get your hair cut and use hairdresser regularly. A well cared and styled head of hair is a projection of your self-caring habit.
  • Lose weight and hit the gym – A sound body is adequately attractive in itself besides being one of the best health tips for men. Working out doesn’t just keep you in shape and toned, but it also enhances the blood circulation to remote and blocked areas of the body, thus bringing out that charming and healthy glow.
  • Maintain your diet – Eating a healthy diet that is rich in nutrients and contains limited amount of fats and carbohydrates is a must if you want your skin to be bright and beautiful.