6 healthy food items to get back you in shape post festive season

It is that time of the year when healthy eating and diet planning is absolutely the last thing on our minds. And during the moments of celebrations, you tend to forget the repercussions of binge eating, which can make you put on those extra kilos and calories.

By nibbling on a piece or two of sugary and ghee-full mithai, greedily gobbling on the sumptuous feasts and munching greasy fried savouries every now and then, we deliberately take our health for granted by eating all the fattening delicacies during the festive season.

While regular exercise and drinking plenty of water is a must, a little switch in your eating habits can also change the game for you. Dolly Kumar, founder and director of GAIA, shares a few tips to stay fit and healthy post the festive season.

  • Green tea: Rich in anti-oxidants, particularly epigallocatechin gallate, green tea provides numerous health benefits. Its fat burning properties can help in weight loss and lower the risk of obesity. It also helps regulate blood sugar level and fight stress and fatigue. Replacing your regular morning and evening cup of tea and coffee with a cup of green tea can help you stabilise your metabolism. So, when you pair green tea with appropriate diet and exercise, it can help you lose weight fast. Additionally, you can also try green tea in various other flavours like tulsi, lemon, honey and lime, cardamom, ginger, mint and jasmine.
  • Muesli and oats: Breakfast being the most important meal of the day, filling your tummy in the morning is essential before unleashing your busy day. But at the same time, hogging into oily parathas or puri bhaji or even your butter toast can add lots of calories to your body. A smart breakfast pick is thus necessary and there’s no better option than having a bowl full of muesli or oatmeal. Rich in fibre and protein, muesli helps in weight management. It has zero cholesterol, making it good for your heart too. Add fresh fruits to your bowl full of muesli with skimmed milk and stay fuller for a long period. Alternatively, you can indulge in a steaming bowl of masala oats or oats with vegetables which is also rich in fibre and protein with zero cholesterol.

    Photo Courtesy: Life Made Delicious

  • Cookies: Yes. Cookies! But not the ones with high calorie and sugar content. Instead, bite into digestive, oatmeal or multigrain cookies which are rich in fibre and contains zero per cent fat and cholesterol. Munch these healthy cookies and kick away those untimely in-between hunger pangs.
  • Honey: A rich source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, multi-floral honey aids in weight loss and adds nutrients to your body in place of empty calories. It is also cholesterol-free and sodium-free. Add a dash of multi-floral honey to your lemonade (without soda) and toss down every morning on an empty stomach. Feel the difference unfolding in the days to come!
  • Olive oil: Rich in good fats and antioxidants, olive oil helps manage cholesterol and is also ideal for weight loss. Experts agree that a low-fat diet helps prevent various diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. So, what better than to indulge in a low-fat diet with olive oil which can do wonders to your health! While extra light olive oil is a great alternative and is ideal for cooking all kinds of cuisines, extra virgin is perfect for salads and dressings.
  • Stevia: There are times when you just can’t resist your cravings for something sweet and sugary. But then, if you indulge in eating sweet items again, it’ll inflate your calorie intake and there’s no way you can easily get rid of them. Well, there’s a rescue to this again. Stevia, also known as ‘Meethi Tulsi’ is 100 per cent low in calorie and is a natural sugar substitute. Obtained from natural herbs, it does not contain Aspartame and has absolutely no side-effects with very little or no after taste, unlike other extracts. Stevia is also fat-free making it beneficial for diabetics and the weight loss. Replace sugar with Stevia in your desserts, smoothies, tea, cereals, etc and enjoy the guilt-free sweetness!