Tips for a quality sleep for older adults

  • Feb 07 , 2017

As we age, the whole system of our sleep changes dramatically. The deep, quality sleep becomes shorter and more elusive. Our total sleep time also declines. If older people at your house complains of not sleeping well, having to get up frequently at night, or not waking up feeling refreshed.

Consider these following strategies for them: 

  • A consistent schedule – Old age makes it hard to sleep at night and we accept that you want to sleep less as you have had a lot of naps during the day, but stick to a set bedtime anyway. Going to bed early one night and then late the next makes sleep more difficult over time. A perpetual sleeping schedule eventually leads to quality sleep.
  • Limiting the naps – Older adults can’t avoid naps. In fact, no one can. Naps are pretty much essential and we agree. But limiting naps will lead you to a healthy night sleep as you get tired.
  • Stay active throughout the day time – Try to wake up early and stay as much active as you can. Make a time-table. Starting from exercise, breakfast, spending time with friends, stay active and busy. This will make you tired enough to sleep well by the end of the day.
  • No other work on bed – Keep your bed for sleep or sex only. Never make a habit of watching TV, completing projects or anything else. This distracts your brain and impacts bad on your sleeping schedule.
  • Avoid alcohol, tobacco and caffeine – Where alcohol works as depressant, nicotine and caffeine are stimulants, but they all can add up to poor sleep quality. Caffeine is strictly for morning hours only. Try to quit or stay away from the other two items.
  • Stop worrying - Worry can keep you up late and wake you up as well. If worries are interfering with sleep, try some yoga before you go to bed.
  • Consult a doctor – If nothing else works for, consult a doctor. Sometimes sleep problems aren't just because of age, but because of health issues, such as depression or sleep disorders. Talk to your doctor about getting these conditions under control.