Assistive devices for elderly at home

  • Jan 13 , 2017

If you care for your ageing loved ones, there are different assistive products available in the market which you need to look upon to solve homecare issues which will keep their mobility and independence.

Some basic assistive devices:

Bathroom and bathing products: Resources for the bathroom and bathing products for ageing seniors.

  • Sanitary Bidet
  • Transfer bench
  • Shower chair
  • Slip resistant bath mat

Exercise and fitness: Comprehensive gear for seniors better active living.

  • Self Assist walk-around
  • Hand exerciser
  • Power plate exercise machine

Health and medical: Daily care accessories needed for elder care.

  • Foot alignment socks
  • Coccyx Orthopaedic seat cushion
  • Herbal shoulder pack
  • Blood glucose monitoring system
  • Portable oxygen
  • Thermo pore  Arthritis pads

Personal care and dressing: Resources for families and caregivers daily activities with ageing parents and seniors who live at home.

  • Button aid and Zipper pull
  • Quikkis: Hands-free, slip-on shoes
  • Dressing aid by shocking aid

    Photo Courtesy: Bed and Bath Safety


Security, safety and falls: Safety products for ageing seniors and the elderly who live at home that prevents and offer protection from hazards. Security devices and equipment for families for the home and outdoors to protect and alert accidents or potential dangers or abuse.

  • Ultra loud power failure alarm with flashlight and plug detection
  • Cordless bed alarm and pad
  • Door alarms
  • Slip free strips
  • Motion sensor and pager

Vision and hearing: Devices and products for the blind and ageing adults with low vision and hearing impairments. Amplified phones and aids for reading and hearing needs in daily living activities for the elderly.

  • Deluxe hand free light
  • TV ears
  • Cocoon sunglasses
  • Talking Rx
  • TV sound amplifier
  • Eye drop dispenser

Mobility: Mobility products and devices for the elderly and seniors living at home. Equipment and aids such as walkers, wheelchairs, canes and ramps for families and caregivers of ageing adults.

  • Telestik Reacher
  • EZ Stand-N-Go
  • Wheelchair ramps for elder safety at home
  • Rollator walker
  • Stair lifts for getting seniors upstairs
  • Walker Glides
  • Car caddie handle
  • Luggie  mobility scooter