You might get these diseases while travelling on a metro

  • Feb 04 , 2017

Delhi Metro has been a boon for the entire city. From helping people to reach their destinations on time to providing the most comfortable journeys, Delhi Metro has definitely changed the look of Delhi. But, along with it comes other issues, which we do not talk about much.

So, here we bring you a list of diseases that you might get eventually if you are a regular Metro user…

The ortho damage
If you are standing for a longer duration in long queues at the metro station or while boarding metro at a crowded metro platform, you may harm your legs and back the most. But the real damage happens when we tend to come in non-movable position during our journey.

Such bad situations can manifest themselves in the following ways:

  • Pain in neck and back
  • Muscle soreness
  • Nerve related issues
  • Tearing away of spinal disks
  • Pain in heels and bottom of foot
  • Painful tender spots on bones

Photo Courtesy:- Indiatvnews
Some simple changes can help lessen the damage:

  • While you are standing, frequently move your feet up and down to avoid pooling blood in your lower legs.
  • Try standing in a way that you put equal pressure on your big toes, little toes and heels in a crowded metro.
  • Keep tightening your core muscles while you are travelling.
  • Avoid wearing shoes that provide discomfort.

Contracting communicable diseases
Travelling in the metro exposes one to infectious viruses that other people may be carrying and can lead to airborne diseases such as chest infection and tuberculosis. You can also become more prone to seasonal allergies like a cough- cold and viral fever.

To prevent these follow these simple remedies:

  • Wash your hands and face every time you de-board a metro or use sanitizers for your hands if you cannot wash them immediately.
  • Before boarding a metro, make sure you are not on an empty stomach and you are well hydrated.
  • Avoid the frequent usage of clothes which you wear during metro journey without washing them.
  • Take a bath in the evening after a day spent in a crowded metro.

Photo Courtesy:- Fuccha
The Mental Fatigue
Daily travelling in overcrowded metros can lead to a drop in the level of serotonin in your body making you feel pessimistic and worried.
Crowded metro rides can induce stress and anxiety symptoms as one feel that escape from a difficult situation is impossible. Sometimes the unexpected halting of trains can lead to undue stress if anyone has deadlines to meet. On the other hand, if metro is less crowded, a positive environment can reduce stress levels.

To prevent these, you can do the following:

  • Utilise your time well and do things you like. Read a book, watch a video, listen to music, but make sure that you do not harm your body.
  • Make a habit of pressing acupuncture points on your hand and neck.
  • Take deep breaths as it many release the mental fatigue in you.
  • De-stress yourself when you reach your office/home.

The cardio risk
Metro rides can have both positive as well negative impacts on one’s heart health. On the healthier side, by travelling in a metro you avoid air pollution. But on the other side there are situations that lead to stress and in turn can pump up one’s blood pressure as many office employees are running late for their offices almost every day.
Low blood pressure can make people collapse. To cope up with your increasing cardio risk one should board metro with a proper meal and should not be under hydrated so that one’s blood pressure should not dip due to blood pooling in one’s legs.