These are the myths about back pain

  • Jan 06 , 2017

It is a fact that back pain is one of the top causes of disability in the world, which is no longer restricted only to the elderly. A large number of people up to the age of 40 have to work on computers and laptops for several hours in incorrect postures, which can lead to tremendous amount of pain.

Photo Courtesy: thainhunter
On the other hand, there are also some myths about back pain.

  • Negligence is the biggest issue – It is said that eight out of 10 people are affected by back pain at some point in their lives. Therefore, it is important to understand the nature of this problem and be able to deal with it if needed.
  • Avoid exercise to minimise pain – Avoiding exercises completely and not participating in weight lifting is not the correct way to deal with it. Gentle exercises are always acceptable when you have a back problem.
  • Movements will worsen the back pain – This is absolutely not true and you must keep moving. It is fine if the movements are slow, but mobility will definitely enhance the blood flow. Ladies who are pregnant may feel like lying on the couch, but without proper movement, there is likelihood of cramps.
  • Pain definitely means damage – Just because there is pain you may be forced into thinking that there is damage. Do not let fear from the pain affect your mobility. A heating pad can be extremely beneficial for any back ache. Alternatively, you may also make use of Ibuprofen or Advil to reduce the pain.
  • Back pain happens only to the elderly – Back pains are not restricted to the elderly only. It is most common from the age of 35-55. After 55, this pain tends to decrease. Also remember that just because you had back pain when young, it does not mean this pain will worsen as you grow older.
  • Back pain is hereditary – Back pain is not a genetic disease and has nothing to do with genes. Just because your parents had back pain does not mean you will experience it too. If you wish to take some preventive measures, participate in yoga. Yoga helps to keep you flexible and also prevents occurrences of back pain.

Remember that back pain is not the prerogative of a particular gender. Simple exercises and precautions can help cure this problem. Hip-rolls, walking and stretching helps to a great extent. Pilates has been made famous by stars all over the world. To top it all, you need to take a healthy diet. Calcium and magnesium-rich foods are very important for bone strength. Leafy vegetables, grains, pumpkin and fish are good for health too.