Is Narendra Modi’s schemes on maternity benefiting our women?

Pregnancy and baby care are very important for the health of a newborn. Prenatal care helps decrease the risks during the pregnancy and increases the chances of your safe and healthy delivery. Regular prenatal visits can help your doctor monitor your pregnancy and identify problems or complications at an early stage.

After the baby is delivered, postpartum care is also very important. The postpartum period lasts about six weeks right after your baby is born. Baby care requires special attention too in case of vaccination, or if the baby is not well. Proper treatment is required until everything becomes normal.

Scheme by Prime Minister Narendra Modi

To lower the maternal mortality rate in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a scheme to provide pregnant women with the financial aid of Rs 6000. While addressing the nation on December 31st, 2016, he announced that Rs 6,000 will be transferred directly into the bank accounts of the pregnant women who undergo the delivery and vaccinate their children.

This scheme is applicable to 653 districts of the country. Under this scheme Rs, 6000 will be provided for covering hospital admission, vaccination and nutritional food. Currently, the scheme is being implemented on a pilot basis in almost 53 districts with a benefit amount of Rs 4000.

Pros of the Government maternity scheme

Getting the medical care early and visiting the doctor regularly is essential for optimum pregnancy and baby care. Eating healthy foods and taking proper nutrition is vital. Such help is now available through this scheme.

Even if you do not have any medical insurance or sufficient funds for your delivery, this new scheme by the government will benefit you. This is indeed very good news for pregnant women and a boon to those who have earlier suffered a miscarriage due to lack of medical treatment because of no financial assistance.  The new scheme looks a promising one and is dedicated to helping pregnant women. It's added advantages are:

  • The scheme will improve the maternal health and will create a healthier India.
  • With the timely medical assistance to pregnant women, it will reduce maternal mortality rate to a great extent
  • The scheme can boost child and the maternal health
  • It is a nation-wide scheme for the financial assistance to the pregnant women, and it is a great help for low-income pregnant women and families.
  • The Rupees 6000 as promised by the government will be directly transferred to the bank accounts of the pregnant women.
  • Vaccination of the child will not be a problem for poor families.
  • The scheme will also help ensure nutrition before and after delivery, which is essential for both pregnant women and the baby.