Here's how you can protect your kids during winter

  • Jan 16 , 2017

Winter can actually be quite exciting for little ones, as a number of outdoor activities can be planned. One can go to large sprawling parks for picnics, meant to soak in the sun. They can also participate in other sports activities like badminton. Snowboarding and ice skating are also a couple of options for the adventurous types. But yes, care needs to be taken as children are prone to colds, flu and viruses.

Take note of the following tips for the welfare of your little ones:

  • Keeping warm- The child needs to be covered in warm woollen clothes such as sweaters, jackets and caps, as per the temperature. Such clothes also protect against the cold breeze. 
  • Winter-proof the skin- Ensure that you moisture the kid’s lips, hands, face and feet immediately after a bath. Apply sunscreen so that the child’s skin is protected from harmful rays of the sun.
  • Ensure healthy eating habits- Make sure that the child eats a balanced diet with all important nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Vitamin C is an integral ingredient and is available in tomatoes, melons, papayas and green leafy vegetables. Foods with high water content, such as broccoli, cauliflower and peppermint are also good. Dry fruits are perfect as snacks, instead of fried items like chips.
  • Wash hands- Coughs and sneezes can be quite common during this period. Ensure that your little one washes hands with soap and warm water after coughing or sneezing. Coughing into a tissue is better than coughing into hands, as it prevents the spread of infection.
  • Keep the child hydrated- Compared to summers, your child will be less thirsty this season. But this does not mean that water intake goes low. A lot of water must still be consumed throughout the day, and even more so before going to play. Additionally, serving hot soups like tomato soup or spinach soup with evening snacks helps hydrate the body.
  • Encourage the child to exercise- It is natural for the body to feel cold and not feel like exercising during winters. As a parent, though, you must do your job of pushing your child out of the blanket and into the open for exercises. Walking, jogging or riding a bicycle are healthy exercises. Make the child understand benefits of exercise, especially how it would make him or her feel more energetic this season.
  • Let the child play inside- In case you are residing in an area where it is too cold to go outside, you must encourage the child to play indoors. Board games, brain games, puzzles and arts and crafts activities can be great fun. This will prevent him or her from sitting in front of the television all day.
  • Ensure a proper sleep routine- Make sure that your child gets a sound sleep during winters, at least for eight hours. Without a good sleep, the child’s immune system can be severely affected.