Here’s how you can keep your toddler busy

  • Feb 03 , 2017

The level of energy that toddlers and kids have cannot be matched and you also cannot run with them all the time so it is the parent’s duty to channelise their energy into doing something worthwhile. A toddler should be engaged in the work which they enjoy and can learn something from them.

Try the following tricks to keep your toddler busy:

  • Match the colour- Once you tell your kid how to play they can do it independently but make sure you use products which are not harmful to them. The best possible product can be colourful pom poms. Take 3-4 colours of pom poms, mix all of them together, then ask your child to match the same colour of pom poms. They will learn to identify colours this way.
  • Colouring- Safest thing to play with is colours, until and unless they don’t eat them. Give them a sheet of paper and colours and let them paint with their thoughts.
  • Decorate fridge-Give them the fridge magnets and they will stick them on the fridge on their own style. This activity is best while you are working in the kitchen and you want to keep eye on the little one.
  • Playing with clay-Give toddlers clay and they will make their own toys. Make them sit near you so that you can keep an eye on them and let them make what they want to make from it. Kids enjoy playing with clay and can spend a lot of time, but, keep a check that they don’t put it in their mouth.
  • Box of toys-Collect their toys in a box. When you have some important work to do, give them that box and they will not bother you for hours then. You can also give them puzzles to solve.
  • Race tracks- Buy a toy which has a race track in it. By this your kid will drive the vehicle quietly on the tracks without disturbing and cribbing.
  • Tower building- We all say cards game is for young or elderly, but, once you show how to make towers from cards to your toddler they will find the cards for the next time on their own. Kids love to make towers from cards, this also works well for their motor skills.