Early rise of Menopause in women of India

  • Jan 04 , 2017

All of us are aware of the fact that menopause is for the elder woman who have crossed a certain age limit. But looking at the recent trend, it is a clear that Indian women are undergoing an increase in early menopause. If we look at some research in this field, researchers claim that menopause is somewhat related to the strokes and heart related risks. According to them, women who get menopause earlier, are more prone to the heart related diseases. Thus it is a recommendation that if a woman gets menopause before the age of 46 or 45, she must take preventive measures and proper treatment so as to remain safe and protected from any form of strokes or heart related issues.

If we look at the major cause of early rise of the menopause, smokers are at high risk. They can get menopause even at ages from 42 to 43 as compared to non smokers. Hereby, more and more cardiovascular heart diseases can occur in a very small age.

Introduction to menopause

As we delve into the details of effects and cause of early menopause, it is very important to understand what menopause is. This is a process in which the reproductive system of a woman starts slowing down and its work capacity reduces. The hormonal cycles starts fading away and moves towards end of the menstruation cycle. There is no release of eggs by the ovaries and the release and production of women hormones progesterone and estrogen slows down. Thus, there is a possibility that pregnancy might not be possible anymore.

If we look at the normal cases, the menopause is having the correct time to occur between the ages of 45 to 55 years. The rate of menopause is affected by the smoking or due to the intake of diets or some exercises. Also, this can happen due to heredity.

Complications associated with the menopause: The major problems that can occur with the menopause in early stages of life are as follows:

Cardiovascular diseases: If there is much drop in the level of estrogen at early stages of life, it can seriously damage the working of the entire cardiovascular system.

Osteoporosis: In this, the density of the bones starts reducing and thus the risk of this deficiency increases.

Inconsistency in passage of urine: The elasticity of the vagina is lost and so you will notice sudden or frequent urges to urinate, which is not controllable.

Simple cures

Some of the simple measures that can be taken by the women in the case of early menopause are as follows:

  • The most important and essential aspect is to have a good and a proper diet. Good nutrition is very important to provide a good reproductive life within a woman and also this is associated with lesser diseases related to heart. Also, they will be very less prone to any form of strokes.
  • Thos who are in habit of smoking can remain safe only if they quit smoking. This will provide them a longer reproductive life and again a decrease in risk of the heart relayed diseases and strokes.
  • In case there are women who have now become old but got menopause in the early stages of their life, they should have a look at their lifestyles and improve them. In this case they are required to control the blood pressure, along with the cholesterol level.