Diabetes mellitus, the most common cause of death

Dr. Ritu Priya


Dr Ritu Priya

MBBS, MD (Biochemistry)

Consultant Biochemist

Diabetes mellitus is the most common cause of death and morbidity amongst the non-communicable disease worldwide. Cases of diabetes are on a rise in India so much, that our country is called as ‘Diabetes capital of world’. Diabetes affects all age group, pitting the burden of disease on the general population.

Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic disease in which high blood sugar levels are seen. There are numerous causes of diabetes mellitus from genetic to lifestyle changes.

Some other causes for diabetes are:

  • Most of the diabetes mellitus cases are now prevalent caused due to an unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Obesity has an inverse relation with diabetes. It increases Diabetes Mellitus.
  • Being overweight, physically inactive and eating unhealthy foods- all contribute to the risk of Diabetes mellitus.

More and more Indians are adopting this lifestyle- getting into the high-risk zone.

The symptoms of diabetes are increased thirst, increased urinary frequency, generalised weakness, and tiredness. Weight loss or weight gain is also seen in some conditions. For this Blood sugar estimation is included. Blood checkups should be done regularly in any condition to screen diabetes. The diagnosis of diabetes is based on blood sugar levels and Hb/Hc levels according to the accepted protocols.

For the treatment of diabetes mellitus, insulin, and oral hypoglycaemic drugs are used. Patients are advised regular exercise, healthy diet to maintain blood sugar levels balanced. Medicines and healthy lifestyle decrease the complications of diabetes mellitus thus, increasing the quality of life.

The complications of diabetes can be avoided by maintaining blood sugar level in required range. This requires proper medication and regular monitoring. Tests to assess the functional states of these organs are done on regular basis to detect complications in the initial stage and to prevent further detonation. Controlled blood sugar level and regular monitoring can prevent diabetes complication and help the diabetic patients to lead a better life.