5 benefits of acupressure

  • Feb 06 , 2017

Defined as an ancient healing art that uses the fingers to gradually press key healing points, Acupressure relieves energy blockages

  1. Faster healing – Acupressure’s magic touch aids in relieving pains, balancing body energy and maintaining an overall health. Acupressure also enables a person to relax and relieve stress as well. It also strengthens resistance to various diseases.
  2. Relieves pain – This therapy is highly effective for relieving muscular tensions. There are various acupressure points on our body that helps relieve pain, like a point located along either side of the spine and on the upper back, which reduces back pain. Acupressure therapy also releases tightness in body muscles.
  3. Makes you calmerPracticing acupressure therapy on your body also helps your mind to function better. According to Chinese Medicine, acupressure therapy unblocks all the meridians, which helps make a person to become calmer as the body becomes more capable of handling stress.
  4. Overall wellbeing –The science of acupressure therapy is based on the belief that the entire body is made up of ‘chi’ or ‘qui’, which are vital energies that flows through the body along the lines or meridians and when these are blocked, the body manifests a disease. And this is where acupuncture therapy can help. It not only unblocks those areas but also helps the body to function properly.
  5. Tones facial muscles – Better known as cosmetic acupressure, this therapy helps tone the muscles of the face, stimulate the blood flow and helps to produce collagen. All these actions eventually help tone your face and beats the signs of ageing.