Unani medicine can treat piles

  • Jan 14 , 2017

Treating piles through unani can be cheap as well as easily done at home. Piles are inflamed haemorrhoids, masses, clumps in the anal canal and made up of blood vessels, support tissue, muscle and elastic fibre. Piles can be very painful while you are sitting and passing the stool. The problem of piles is differentiated with grades 1, 2 and 3 if the problem is at grade 1 and 2 can be solved with the medicines but if it has reached grade 3 than surgery may be required.

Treat piles at home without visiting the doctor by using these Unani remedies:

  • Neem leaves- Neem is bitter in taste but for health, neem is one good ingredient. Take 80-100 neem leaves boil them and strain the juice from the leaves. With the neem juice mix the juice of barberries leaves, when the mixture cools down, make small pills. It is advisable to take two pills every day.
  • Asapghol- This Unani medicine is readily available in the market, it aids the digestion system which helps in getting rid of piles and pain. Take one tbsp asap ghoul with warm water every day.
  • Henna- This will help you in getting rid of pain if taken with borax. Take henna leaves (30-40 leaves) make a paste with water. Mix borax (100gm) in the mixture. Take 1 tbsp of a mixture every day.
  • Bhang leaves- Yes! Bhang leaves are effective for the pain of piles. Take baaking leaves and bhang leaves in equal proportion, make a thick paste and make T bandage over your piles.
  • - Take Reetha and Katha reetha and Katha make a mixture grinding them both and take it with water every day.
  • Medicines for piles- Medicines of unani for piles are easily available - majjon maquil, muraba hallela, Habb-e-muquil, Habb-e-rasaut, itrifal muqil and will heal and cure the problem.
  • A mixture of three- This may be effective slowly but gradually you will get relief from the pile's pain.
    • Take galls (4gm), camphor (2gm) and butter (homemade butter 10 gm)
    • Grind the two with butter.
    • Apply the mixture over the piles and it will slowly give you relief from the pain.