Scope and limitations of homeopathic medicines in India

  • Jan 12 , 2017

Sweet pills may have tempted many of us during childhood days at some point or the other. Sweet pills or homeopathy medicines are considered to be a solution for a number of patients as they are not scared of the same. However, it is first very important to understand what is homeopathy.

Defining homeopathy

This word was coined by Dr Christian Samuel Hahnemann, who first created it as a system of medicine when treatment of individuals with diluted substances. Homeopathy is good because it triggers the body’s natural healing process. It consists of specific symptoms, and medicines are matched by the doctor with the patient.

Scope of homeopathic medicines

Homeopathy has very good medicines for allergies, effects of occupational disorders, disorders of growing children and aged people, autoimmune disorders. Most acute problems across all age groups, which include seasonal disorders as well, can be handled by homeopathy.

For patients who look for qualitative changes in their lives, homeopathy is most helpful. Patients who have gone through chemotherapy, surgery or radiation tend to seek alternative medical help as they become very weak over time, experiencing vague pains and loss of appetite. In such cases, homeopathy offers a lot of relief and comfort, and palliative drugs in homeopathy have no side effects.

The first treatment for emergencies such as twisted bowel, fractures, acute appendicitis, as well as congenital problems like clubfoot, should be surgery. However, the pain in these disorders can be brought down through homeopathy. Broken bones need to be repaired through surgery, but their recovery can be greatly hastened through homeopathic remedies.

In the case of acute poisoning- accidental, suicidal or homicidal, the chronic effects of exposure to toxins can be controlled through homeopathic medicines. Non-eating ulcers can also be cured through the same, and so amputation can possibly be avoided.

Limitations of homeopathy

Any kind of nutritional disorders cannot be cured through homeopathy. The only way to treat these disorders is to replenish your diet with the missing nutrients. There are also no medicinal substitutes for a proper diet and exercise. Similarly, in the case of major ailments which require surgical treatment, surgery will always be the primary method of cure. Homeopathy can be applicable only in the later stages, but one cannot depend on it much.

The curability of a case can only be decided by the homeopathic doctor. He or she will know that the curability depends on a number of factors such as age, nature of the disease, general patient condition, living conditions and overall attitude of the patient. Though it is not a panacea, it is a misconception that homeopathy is applicable only to chronic cases.

For a homeopath, simply the diagnosis is not adequate to administer a particular medicine. The questions asked to patients help to focus in an in-depth manner on the patient’s specific symptoms, to decide the medicine. It is always the person’s manifestation of the illness which guides the treatment, and this is not according to a textbook of disorders.