Reiki to heal cough and cold

Reiki means the universal life energy and it is an ancient healing method that manipulates energy flow in the body. Reiki practitioners believe that there is an energy force in and around the body. The experts believe that there is a flow of energy between the receiver of treatment and the Reiki practitioner. The Reiki treatment releases the energy flows and allows the body’s self-natural healing ability to work.

Reiki mainly focuses on the seven primary energy centres called as the chakras within the human body. The energy must travel freely through the chakras for you to be mentally, physically and spiritually healthy. Reiki practitioners believe that if the energy paths are blocked, you might feel ill, weak or feel pains.

Reiki techniques for cold and cough:

The starting three tips will help to relieve the cold and cough symptoms.

Distance and power symbol - draw the distance symbol on paper and keep it in under the pillow during the night, intending that the Reiki energy disperses and dissolve your cold problem out into the universe.

Photo Courtesy: The Crystal

For the nasal congestion or the sinus problem, you have to imagine the power symbol on the finger tips of your five fingers. After that you have to place them in the bone dimples on either side of the nostril, then lean forward and support your head on the tips of fingers while intending that a flow of the Reiki energy will pass gently through the nasal passages, be cleansing and be clearing as it goes on.

For the congested sinus headache, you can use the same method as the above but slide your fingers up both the sides of the nose right to the top, so it naturally comes to rest in the corners of eye sockets. You will know when you are at the correct place as you may begin to feel the sense of relaxation in the pressure of a headache and your nose might start to drain. You have to hold this position as long as it feels comfortable to you, along with the Reiki energy flows.

For the throat and chest cold, for soothing your throat you can try using the Usui Mater symbol. Draw the symbol on the piece of tissue paper or the soft paper and hold it in the situation using a warm scarf, preferably blue one, placed around your neck.

For the chest cold use the emotional or the mental symbol on each palm and sit up in the comfortable position with the one hand placed on your heart chakra area. Place your other hand gently resting on the solar plexus. Usually beam the Reiki into your chest, intending that the Reiki treatment relaxes and reduce the irritation.

Few tips to cure the cold and flu

  • To help you, these are also the few tips that are prescribed under Reiki for a cough:
  • Hot lemon tea with little honey can help soothe a sore throat providing your body with Vitamin C at the same time.
  • Little drops of eucalyptus oil on the hankie can also endow with relief.
  • Dip a slice of onion in the glass of hot water for 2 seconds; you can sip the cooled water throughout the day. Also, a half of the onion keeping near your bedside table can also alleviate the cold and cough symptoms.