Reiki food therapy can help heal your mind and soul

In addition to nourishing our bodies, food also disturbs the quality of our lives, our weight, appearance, moods, energy, the ageing process and our overall health and well-being. We are aware of the fact that food helps us to build our body. But few people know that it can also help heal our mind and soul, strength our energies and escalate positive force in our life. The food we eat could be charged with environmental forces and this will have a direct impact on the state of our mind, body and soul.

Reiki food therapy

Reiki food therapy is a technique by which the food products can be charged with four environmental energies namely- Reiki, Pyramid, Music and Quartz Crystals. It can help a person balance and harmonise their emotions by aligning seven chakras in a row and be increasing optimism in a person. These products energise the human body by flowing through energy pathways, soothing the nerves and calming the mind. It is the consequence of extensive research in the area of health and innovation in alternative sciences.

Everything around us, from plants and animals to inanimate objects, has its own unique energy frequency. Just as it is possible to place our hands on an injury for the purpose of healing, it is also possible to send Reiki to our food in order to enhance its life-force energy and reduce the negativity present in it. This is great, especially when eating fast food and indulging in some unhealthy food cravings.

By flooding it with Reiki, we increase the nutritional value that is already present in the food. Japanese believes that doing Reiki to our food will make it taste much better and will be in much purer form. In Japan, normally people do Reiki to their food before eating so that positive energy flows in them through food.

Granted there is no diet that will ease clinical depression and/or migraines entirely and cure you for infinity, but being very aware of what you eat in conjunction with Reiki can bring about amazing results that may just keep you feeling great 99 per cent of the time.

There are few practices people can opt for to avoid anger and anxiety:

  • Skipping breakfast can lead to high anxiety and keep you irritated whole day
  • One should not eat heavy food at night and eat at least 3 hours before bedtime
  • Chewing slowly helps you digest food easily and keep your immune system healthy and strong, which helps in increasing optimism in your thinking
  • It is said the one who is making the food for you should be happy and should be calm. It is believed that the cook's good mood and positivity are transferred to the food you eat.

As modern lifestyles create new health challenges, wellness, maintaining or improving health has become a well-established priority in many people’s lives. It is a scientifically proven fact that our food choices affect our heath. The old saying, “We are what we eat” stands true even now. Every cell in our body was created from the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe.