Reiki can be used to take charge of your health and well-being

  • Jan 28 , 2017

Reiki is the spiritual and vibrational healing process used to promote balance within the human system. It does not involve the ingestion or physical manipulation or application of any substances but works with the slight vibrational field thought to penetrate the body. You can get Reiki healing done by a trained professional, or you can learn it as a wellness practice.

Uses of Reiki

People use Reiki to enhance well-being, reduce anxiety, pain and tiredness. It also helps in reducing side-effects of medications and also aids in recovery after surgery or injuries. Reiki is a safe interactive therapy to try as people typically feel better quickly. Pain is lessened and people feel hopeful in regaining their health. Reiki therapy often clears the mind and enables patients to evaluate conflicting medical information being offered by experts, so that they can make vital decisions with greater confidence.

Where can you receive Reiki?

A quiet setting where you are not disturbed is always preferable. Professional Reiki practitioners have a proper space. They usually play soft composition throughout the session to let you make relax. The patients who receive Reiki in a nursing home, hospital or any other healthcare setup can have a shorter session, while some of the private practitioners give you 90 minutes sessions.

Number of sessions you should receive

Your health care provider may suggest you a series of sittings. In general four sessions are recommended and gives you time to observe the benefits of Reiki healing.

Photo Courtesy: Renee Mullings Lewis

Health benefits

  • Reiki creates deep relaxation and helps the body to release the tension and stress.
  • It accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities.
  • Aids in better sleep
  • Controls the blood pressure
  • Reiki helps with acute and chronic problems such as headaches, eczema, asthma, etc.
  • Helps in relieving the pain
  • Reiki treats the energy blockages, balance the energy flow of the endocrine system bringing the body into harmony
  • Assists in detoxification in the body
  • Reduce the side effects caused by medicines and aids the body to recover from the drug therapy after surgeries
  • Reiki supports the immunity system of our body
  • Enhances the vitality and reduce the ageing process
  • Raises the vibrational frequency of the human system
  • Aids in emotional and spiritual growth
  • Provides additional energy to cover the illness

How is Reiki treatment suitable in the long run?

Long term practice of Reiki will restore the general situation of the body. It expands up the energy channels and further allows the body to heal properly and naturally with tension and stress and build-up toxins and cope with the depression and the anxiety. A session of Reiki can induce a tranquil state of well-being that can bring changes in the client’s consciousness. When the individual is in fine health, regular treatment increases the body’s built-in defenses. The therapy later manifests itself as confidence and an outward harmony in dealing with day-to-day events. The person gains a positive outlook towards life.

When Reiki is used with other natural therapies such as aromatherapy, homeopathy, meditation, crystals, Bach flower remedies, it enforces the effects of all.

Reiki is the best healing care option. It complements and increases the health care that the patient receives in the hospital or from other health care providers.