Homeopathy gaining popularity

  • Jan 11 , 2017

It has been 214 years since homeopathy came into existence and now we have been hearing of ‘miraculous’ cure for a range of ailments through homeopathy. The basic principle of homeopathy states that a disease can be cured by those substances which actually cause the disease itself. Many doctors also claim and maintain that the very system of homeopathy is a ‘scientific hoax’.

The big pharma companies have taken over the mainstream health industry of the world and that’s mainly because conventional medicine does not treat the cause of the problem. The homeopathic practitioner treats the cause of the illness or disease in order to heal the effect. Vastly safer than conventional medicine, homeopathy is a treatment which uses very minute substances found in nature, like minerals and herbs, to trigger healing responses in the body using an organic method which teaches the body to heal itself.

People are getting relief by homeopathy medicine and this proves that homeopathy is not just a placebo effect. Placebo effect is a process where a doctor gives an ineffective medicine (placebo) to treat a disease and the patient is cured because of the mere psychological effects. Each system of medicine has its own strengths and weaknesses. Homeopathy is best suited for ailments such as upper respiratory tract infection, arthritis, allergic disorders, hormonal imbalances in women and spondylitis, among others.

Homeopathic treatments are non-addictive and the risks of experiencing side-effects are minimal. Homeopathic solutions themselves are not simply water or placebos, but contain miniscule doses of plants, minerals, animal products or other compounds that trigger symptoms similar to what you are already experiencing, and that's why many patients think they are getting worse at the beginning of treatment, when in reality, it's the beginning of the ingenious homeopathy healing process.

Homeopathy, if practised properly, is cheaper, safer and effective for many ailments and can help the body in gaining resistance against ailments. Natural, gentle, non-addictive and effective – these are just some of the reasons why homeopathic remedies have gained a ton of popularity.